Dunes in Southampton


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The Question

Should the Dunes in Southampton be reduced

  • Yes

  • No


No 73.68%
Yes 26.32%

Here are some of the comments, but not all.  Most voters do not comment.

Pave paradise and put up a parking lot...so says Joni Mitchell.   And we spend money to assess whether or not we should mess with Mother Nature so summer residents can see the - lake...even if it is their own money. The Conservation Authority should have the final say. I mean really. Walk down to the lake.

Absolutely not! People worked long and - hard to get them where they are today and reducing them would just backpedal that. We don't want our beach looking like Port Elgin's!

Absolutely not! Some dunes have been - restored by planting shore grassesI They have lived here long enough to remember drifts of sand blown off the beach up the streets before these grasses were planted.  I am disgusted to see some shore front cottages with leveled and grass free frontage, obviously maintained as such. Carl Crymble

Allow all of the Southampton beach   between High Street and Chantry View to become a naturally developing dunes area. It will become (without being   detrimental to all the rest of us who live here) a tourist Mecca.

No they are the natural safety feature that will keep our beaches stable.

Absolutely not. They should be left untouched.

Leave the dunes alone as they make Southampton's beach unique. The dunes have always had a place at the Long Dock area of Southampton. I remember as a kid spending many a day sun bathing in them. I agree with other statements that if people want an unobstructed view they should go to Sauble Beach or Wasaga Beach.

There is beauty in the   dunes! The beaches are what draws people to the the town!

Dunes are for xxxxxx (Editor deleted silly comment)

For the most part they should be eliminated

I hope your survey reflects the general feeling that I find in the community which is that any move to alter the dunes would be madness. The dunes are doing their natural thing.  They are not out of control. The short sighted humans (two month town   residents mostly) who would alter the dunes are the ones out of control. Let's hope the dunes win this one.

I live on Morpeth (just on the other  side of hwy21). We have sand silt at our home from the strong winds I can't imagine what it would be like without the dunes and for those dwellers closer to the lake.

If they are planning on cutting out the dunes so 11 people can see the water what about putting in a parking lot on Front Street so 100's can park and enjoy the Beach

In fact I'd love to see this conservation program expanded to all Saugeen Shores' beaches....The original   plan for the Port Elgin waterfront included landscaping with natural grasses not sod and was created by a   landcsape architect   believe it or not!! One reason Town Plan for all of the Waterfronts in Saugeen Shores needs to be done!

Its sort of like saying that when bought  my place there were no neighbors and now  there are and i want them gone because i  can't see as they are obstructing my view.

keep what ever committee in charge of   beaches they will ruin it like they did of the grove and main beach in port.  l grew up playing and swimming on the beach and there was no grass in  the 1960's please leave souths beach alone. it is beautiful the way it is sand like a beach is to be like for   everyone to enjoy leave it alone

NATURE WILL WIN....One can try and   beat it or work with it..  BUT it usually seems to have   the upper hand Chris Gable Southampton

No grow up.

No let nature take it's course

NO! Boo Hoo your view is blocked.

Ruining the view for many overgrowth a mess near Gerry's 

That is the stupidest argument I have ever heard didn't we just spend big bucks to build them up???

The beach is our most important asset   (tourism) but it seems it is treated  as a necessary evil. All I see is buck passing to resolve issues and in management of the resource

The current dunes areas should NOT be   reduced

The dune system along the Southampton  waterfront protects the sand beaches  from wind erosion. The sand 'hills'  aforementioned by the SRA in a ST  article are in reference to the primary  and secondary dune systems that provide  for a diversity of plant and animal  life. The sand is staying out of the  streets. People should leave this  NATURAL phenomenon alone.

The dunes are "out of control"  Restoration of our wonderful beach must be saved and attended to. Good for the   SRA taking an interest in this.

The dunes are hills of weeds infested with insects and noxious grass. When dry they are a fire hazzard. These weeds should be controlled as the town bylaws require.

The dunes are out of control and they will just keep growing. I think that there is definitely a middle round and I am very upset that the town and Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority   are NOT willing to discuss. The dunes are recent so let find out what is   happening.

The dunes protect our beautiful beaches and allow us to enjoy the soft white sand we have grown to love.

The dunes should be reduced so the   residents can see the lake and also it   would make easier access to the beach   on the pathway leading from the   parking lot.

The grass is taking over the sand beach  especially at the south area of South  beach. Pretty soon there will be no place to sit or lay in the sand & it  will be all grass.   a sign should be posted that this is  not a lauching ramp for boats This past  weekend a black truck removed a post &  backed right in the water to launch a boat...this is a no no should be  marked clearly.

The large dune in front of the Harmer Street  residents' homes should be reduced. It is also  imperative that the town maintain the dunes and beach area in an appropriate manner. The dunes in their natural state are beautiful but this particular one has grown too large and overgrown.

The Southampton Dunes are one of the   community's primary attractions.   Southampton is lucky to have them as     Southampton is one of the only public   beaches in the region with natural dunes!

The Southampton Dunes are the reason   we have the best beach around. The sand is held there by the dune   environment. We should remember the money fundraising and hours spent trying to repair the beach years ago.   All the hard work from volunteers and   the Southampton Parks Board has   finally paid off - please don't go  ruining it now!

The view of a few residents does not   outweigh the consequences of removing   dunes and losing the sand beach for ALL residents (summer & permanent) to  enjoy.

They are not maintained and full of weeds and other undesirable vegetation

This is exactly what happens when   individuals interfere with the natural   shoreline.

Under no circumstances should the   Southampton dunes be tampered with for   the sake of human preference... leave the natural ecosystem alone! H. Heath

Vistors come to Southampton because of   the beaches. When I was vacationing   in Southampton two weeks ago for two   weeks I went to the beach at South   Street. There is hardly any beach   area because of all the grass   growing. Get rid of it or people will stop coming.

When we were here in the early 1960s   and our neighbours who had been here since the 1900s the dunes were not as high as they now are. You could see the beach the lake and the island from the cottage windows.

You have to be kidding?!?! The dunes   are a natural feature is someone   suggesting we groom them to look like   a subdivision in some city. Disney  Dunes?


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Monday, August 16, 2010