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In today's ever shrinking world, young people are exposed to more cultures and languages than ever before.

Every year, students travel beyond their home boundaries to explore the lifesyles of their peers in other countries throughout the world.

Among the many visitors to Ontario, Bruce County has received several young students that include private exchanges, through service clubs such as Rotary or the new exchange program with Bluewater Board of Education with Korean students.

A return student from Germany

Florian  Ambrosius-Eichert

Florian  Ambrosius-Eichert first came to Canada through the Rotary Student Exchange program in 2008/09.

The program allows young students to travel to another country for one year where they are immersed in a new educational and cultural experience.

Because Eichert enjoyed his first stay so much, he wanted to return for a vacation  and his first host family, the Butchers of Port Elgin  and other Rotary families, welcomed him.

"Canada is amazing," says Eichert. "People here are so open,  I think it's because of the muti-cultural attitude where people from everywhere are welcome."

Eichert has made two trips to Canada, the first as a student and hopes to return again.  During his stay as a student at the local Saugeen District Secondary School in Port Elgin,Eichert took part in unusual activities such as musical theatre.

"In Germany," says Eichert, "our education concentrates on maths and sciences.  There is no theatre and music is usually a privately taught thing."

During his full year at Saugeen District Secondary School (SDSS), Eichert  became involved in musical theatre, drama and other fields that he had never explored.

As many European students do, Eichert has traveled throughout several countries.  "I want to come back to Canada again," says Eichert.  "It is very different, very open and I have made friends here that I will have for the rest of my life."






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Tuesday, August 03, 2010