Sun shines on annual garden tour
By Liz Dadson

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Members of the Kincardine and District Horticultural Society serve refreshments at the Walker House, from left: Mary Fink, Barb Dickinson, Hilda Ekblad, Barb Gamble, May Kirkpatrick and Ann Nicolson


Betty Bannerman (L) takes a group of ladies on a tour of her gardens on Gordon Street

It was perfect weather Sunday afternoon for a stroll through several gardens in the Kincardine area.

The Kincardine and District Horticultural Society held its annual "Through the Garden Gate" tour, with a good crowd taking in the nine gardens and enjoying refreshments at the Walker House.

Betty  Bannerman's garden on Gordon Street is a small but well-manicured yard. Since moving back to Kincardine and retiring, she has been able to spend all of her time gardening, which she loves.

She plants a variety of annuals every year, and as many perennial flowers as she can fit in while still leaving a strip of lawn for her small dog, Muffin.


A gazing ball amidst the flowers in Betty Bannerman's garden


Poppies aplenty in the Bannerman garden

Anna and Philip Nicholson were intimidated by the potential upkeep of the "English Garden" they inherited when they purchased their home on Manor Wood Crescent. However, they were also enchanted and immediately caught up in its beauty.

Today, the garden is low-maintenance. Most plants are perennials and flowers just spring up brilliantly through the spring and summer. Annuals are a new selection and experiment each year.

The meandering stone walkway adds to the magical journey that begins at the fish pond and brings you through to the flower garden.

The final stop is at the shed which was transformed from a storage area to a studio of glass and art - the art is inspired by the garden.


Arbour entrance to the backyard at the Nicholson home on Manor Wood Crescent


The Nicholsons' backyard is tranquil


A pond at the Manor Wood garden


Beautiful roses at the front of the Nicholsons' home


Linda and Doug McLaughlin moved into their home on Brownell Drive in December, 1978, and it has morphed over the past 32 years to its present state.

Linda's mother was her gardening mentor and several of the perennials that she planted back in the original gardens in the mid-1980s, are still growing strong.

The current gardens were created in 2001 when the McLaughlins began a major renovation of the yard. The hard landscaping was completed in 2008 with the front steps and driveway.

The yard has set "rooms" from a dining area to a lounge area. No matter where you are sitting, the gardens offer a great view throughout.


People admire the perennials at the McLaughlins' garden on Brownell


The entrance gate to the McLaughlins' garden


A lovely pathway alongside the pool at the McLaughlins' garden


Roses run along the fence at the garden on Brownell

The remaining gardens included: Ted Hunter's on North Street, Josie McDonald and Theresa Winchester's on McPherson Crescent, Helena and John Hill's on Goldie Crescent, Lois and Will Van de Klippe's on MacDougall Drive, Pam Robbins and Chris Lazarenko's on Lynden Crescent, and Grace and Peter Morris' on Park Street.

Funds raised through the annual garden tour go toward the beautification of Kincardine.

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Monday, July 12, 2010