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The Question

Should Saugeen Shores work for Blue Flag Statue

  • Yes

  • No


No 29.12%
Yes 70.88%

Here are some of the comments, but not all:

A Blue Flag designation would be a  real gem for Port Elgin. I've wondered  for several years why this honour was not sought. Until the ugly rusted decrepit boat??? is pulled  from our harbour the Blue Flag is only a dream. More recycling bins and garbage cans would be a start towards achieving the Blue Flag status. I  totally agree with M. Jacques letter.

A growing number of beach communities  along the Lake Huron shoreline are achieving Blue Flag designation. Not having it may be interpreted by visitors that our beaches are inferior.

Absolutely!! One look at the water on  the North Shore of Southampton this  weekend makes us wonder what the river  was spewing forth this weekend. Sewage  by the looks of it! Lets ignore the  will of the people & add some more  from the North Shore!!! At least the  residents of Sauble & other blue flag  communities are warned of the danger.

Benefits; 1  Environmental 2  Tourists will appreciate the ECO  drive of the area 3  CBC may cover the story *again*.

Clean up the beach area. Monitor the  beach glass alcohol and cigarettes  etc.. do not conform with the Blue  Flag Status

If you do  be prepared to have lots of cash available to maintain the shores according to the blue flag regulations. It sounds like it's similar to the ISO 9000 status.  Very rigid criteria. Very costly. Have fees to pay as well as maintaining the shore.

Correction from previous comment...  Port Elgin beach is not monitored by  the Grey Bruce Public Health Unit and  not the MOE as previously stated.

I was a fan of Black Flag status years  ago!

It depends on the costs versus the  benefits. Not enough background info  provided to make an informed decision.

It would be a great tourism marketing  tool. The question is: Will Saugeen  Shores meet the criteria? Think  Saugeen river

It's been a number of years since Port  Elgin had a beach worthy of any  status. Take a look any day its hard wet sand When they start grading it  again on a regular basis it might be a  lot better. No proper place to eat or  get a drink either!

It's perfectly fine to aim for a  certain standard but there's no reason  to join a group that probably ends up  collecting a membership fee.

Maintenance is always the key. Look what happened after the Dune project  ended....the town was suppose to  maintain it and it's a sand filled  mess. People come to the beach  depending on the weather not whether  there is a Blue Flag.

Our beach is important to us and this  would ensure it stay monitored and  protected.

Should have been applied for long ago!!

To work towards a established standard that everyone recognizes as being acceptable and safe.

Total waste of money.

We take great pride in our beaches as  a primary asset that supports tourism.  Blue Flag challenges us to establish a  high level of beach and water safety  and protection. We should be prepared  to meet the Blue Flag requirements if  we are serious about the importance of  our beaches.

Why be left out!

yes definitely.........Having Blue  Flag status would certainly force  a clean up and spruce up' down at the  beach.

YES! Counsel should be ashamed they  didn't go forward when this was in the  works years ago.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010