Port Elgin Beach Survey Results

Town Council

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The Question

Does Port Elgin Beach need improvements? Yes or No


No 22%
Yes 78%

Here are some of representative comments:

  • Let's have a splash pad for the kids or some water slides to keep the beach  alive. We have to have something to  keep the families here instead of travelling through town to Sauble

  • Beach is untidy area around station and old tennis court is dirty. should consider replacing tennis court. When is brick walk going to be made longer maybe to Gobles Grove.

  • Yes but my suggestions are likely different from the plan. I would like- to see the removal of the 'greasy spoon' style restaurants and ice cream shops on-the beach. Replace them with more- modern CLEAN facilities.

  • Beach has not been upgraded for the - last 20 years. Money has been spent on  the harbour but not on the beach.

  • I was vacationing last year in Port Elgin for two weeks. I found the - beach very littered and not raked. One thing I don't understand you can't - walk your dog early in the morning but it's ok to have Tim Hortons cups and garbage all over the beach!!! When I did want to go to a beach I went to - Southampton.

  • Enforce the NO DOGS on beach.

  • The beach is the heart and soul of Port Elgin. What the beach looks like reflects on the town. Neglect is not a good reflection of the town.

  • Port Elgin needs to spend any extra cash it has on repairing it's roads instead of the beach. Waterloo, Wellington and Eastwood Dr. are in really bad shape and pot-hole repairs - just does not cut it anymore. Stop - wasting money on the beach!!!!!!

  • The parking area should stay as sand (it makes it distinctly different than the usual practice of paving), but it must be more regularly graded and- compacted. The restaurant needs cosmetic upgrading but not - replacement. Band Shell is good but it  needs to be used more frequently as an entertainment venue.

  • The town should never have touched it in the first place. Let nature take its course. It is becoming too commercialized!!!

  • More garbage cans and emptied regularly. Better upkeep on structures (shelters). Put up and take down volleyball nets to give youth something free to do! It does not interfere with beach life. Leave them down on really busy beach days.

  • Today it looks really tacky...make it attractive and inviting

  • Get rid of the stupid grass and snow fence and have a nice cut lawn area at the dock area instead of what is there. and grade the beach were you - sit. and bring back the good old beach carnivals thank you

  • Our beach needs a fine dining restaurant with evening entertainment that all (local residents and - tourists) can enjoy with no restrictions imposed on the establishment as was with past businesses. This is something sorely missing on our fabulous waterfront!

  • No! What was wrong with the beach 30 - years ago. Grading the beach lots of sand....no snow fence sidewalks & 'protected grass' (that is not - natural to the area. If it was why has it not be growing for the past 30 yrs?

  • It's the 'Crown Jewel' of Port Elgin but is NOT treated as such by council/staff. Spend any new pool money at the beach. ...and get rid of - that ugly snow fence ASAP!

  • Can't help notice the recent delivery of GRAVEL used to fill in where the pumping station was. It's a beach...not a gravel pit!

  • Our beach needs regular maintenance to fill in the potholes made by vehicles and smooth out the sand. The snow - fencing taken down from around the - imported grasses and dunes. It's just the simple things that can beautify - and improve the beach area.

  • Never take it for granted!! It's the hub of the community. Long term - planning is needed over short term -solutions.

  • Council needs to take the bull by the horns and pursue a *Blue Flag*- designation which would assist in- outlining needed improvements. This- designation would also do much to- promote our beaches in Saugeen Shores.

  • For the most part the beach is fine.  Some small improvements could be implemented but a huge overhaul is not - in order. The flea market should - remain. It is something that a lot of - people look forward to and enjoy. Just because some people are more vocal than - others doesn't mean they are the  majority.

  • I would love to see a boardwalk or something along this line from the - main beach toGobles beach. What a beautiful walk on a lovely day or evening that would be. I can feel and see it now. Sun going down warm breeze on a beautiful summer night.  Lets go Saugeen Shores......

  • Beach needs to be improved. Looks like a gravel lot. Old fishing boat that is - rotting at harbour needs to be removed. Washrooms need to be cleaned more than once a week

  • The town is (has) destroyed the North Shore. Don't let them destroy Port Elgin Beach. They are incompetent

  • That junk heap of a fishing boat needs to be taken away for - starters. If something more permanent - isn't done to stop the beach grass - invasion - we may not have a sand beach - at all in the future.

  • Just get - rid of those ugly steel boats in the - harhour. Visitors must think we don't care what our harbour looks like. It`s a - real shame.

  • There need to be more garbage recycle bins on the beach.  An expanded marina.  NO DOGS ALLOWED ON ANY SAUGEEN - SHORES BEACHES AT ANY TIME !!!- .More roofed pavilions with picnic tables.

  • I love what they have done in Goderich I hope they do something NICE where the treatment plant was

  • Spruce up the lakefront a little. why not add some type of life into the community and emphasize one of Port - Elgin's best assets....the beach...Never mind the seasonal residences how about the rest of the community. Do we not want people to come to our community?

  • A walkway (sidewalk) - FROM P.E. beach to Gobles Grove as Southampton flag pole to Gerry's .I don't see it happen cause of lack of guts!!

  • The beach is in desperate need of more  boardwalks gardens and picnic areas.


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Sunday, June 06, 2010