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Should teachers have the right to strike?

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Most make over 80 000.00 a year. They    have summer vaction(over 2 months)     Christmas break (2 weeks) and March    break (1 week)and all government    holidays what more do they want.     

 Their job should be considered   essential. In the past they did not have   the right to strike. As adults they   should deal with adults not hurt and   bully children and their families.


Any essential service should be    subjected to mandatory arbitration.    When the teachers strike they are    hurting the children  not their    bosses.  Ever notice how    these 'missed' days are never made up    at the end of the year?  hmm

As members of a union  yes they have the right to collective agreements + the   right to strike.

As union members  strike votes give a member a voice  and are one of the    ways members tell their elected    representatives how they feel about    working conditions. Essential services    should be just that  essential to    life. It makes sense for fire     amubulance  doctors to be essential.    Teachers  not so much.

Both sides should have to be adults with   an arbitrator and accept what the   arbitrator says. They should not be   bullies and punish children. They should   practice what they teach .

Children shouldn't be affected by adult    issues. 

school is manditory for childrenss  

   We pay their salary and they should be    working every day they are supposed    to.  Us who are not unionized if we do    not doour job to the best of our    ability get fired.  The teachers have    had it good for long enough.  It is    time to join living like the rest of us    who do not have support of a union.

   why not   everybody else has the rigth    to do so

They should not use our    children as pawns in a fight with the    government.

When they go on strick they are no longer    professionals.

   It is not about the *right to   strike*...it is about the right to   bargain for a collective agreement. Stop   simplifying the issues to just a "right   to strike". This potentially affects ALL   clollective agreements.

Collective bargaining rights are for    everyone.

Dam right they should.  If the    employer/gov.  treated their employees    properly we would need unions or    wouldn't need to strike!  Teachers are    the back bone of our country!

Every union should have the right to    strike.

Every work group  except those deemed essential    services  has always had the right to strike. More    importantly  teachers have lost the right to negotiate       this is a serious concern for all workers in Ontario.    Who will be next?

Governments that legislate the breaking   of legal contracts should give their heads   a shake    Liberals    I don't think so!!

I believe teachers are an "essential    service" and as such    like dr's and    nurses  should not be allowed to    strike.  The only people it really    hurts are the children.

I don't think any civil servant should    have the right to strike.  They're    being paid by the taxpayers.

I don't think we are a communist country    yet

I think they should be able to strike    but only during the time school is in    recess for summer break.  They should    not be allowed to screw up the    education of our young citizens.  If    an when teachers decide to work an    entire year it might be a different    story.

If every other group has the right to    strike    why not teachers as well?   Perhaps the government needs a new    whipping boy...

It is not just about striking. This government has    suspended their democratic rights

It is not just about striking. This government has    suspended their democratic rights

It's their constitutional right under the    labour laws.

Never should a union member be revoked    the right to strike  unless agreed upon    by the union executive.  It is a    fundamental right of any union.  

No one wants to strike. It is a last resort when    rights are being ignored or taken away.

Nope. Teachers have become far too greedy as    have most civil servants. It's time for them to    realize they have it made    try a few weeks    working retail or manufacturing and they may    realize how easy they have it. And for far more    $$$$$ than many workers today.

Province in deep debt. Teachers doing    fine  not starving. Excellent pension fund    with benefits awaits them.

Sure they should have the right to   strike.  And the government should have   the right to fire them all  as Reagan   did with the US Flight Controllers.    There are lots of qualified teachers   that don't have jobs that will gladly   step in.

Taxpayers pay their wages and    benefits.  I cannot choose to strike    against the taxes I pay.  In fact    anyone who is being paid with    taxpayers money should be allowed to    strike.

Teachers are workers covered by the    Labour Relations Act and entitled to    normal bargaining rights    including    the right to partial or full    withdrawal of services


The way the economy is now  it's time    for all of us  teachers included  to    realize the students are why they are    teaching  not the money and/or benefits    at the taxpayers' expense.  I can't    afford to pay higher taxes  can you?

they hold the kids hostage and work    less then other people here r   

They really don't seem in touch with    the real world...they have a high pay    scale  great hours (summers and    holidays off) and pretty good job    security.  Why strike?

They should have the right to strike or at least go    to binding arbitration. Legislated contracts are    very wrong.

When you (teachers) went to get your    B. Ed you loved kids and the    oppoprtunity to help them to learn...    please go back to that thought!

Working groups should have the right    to collective bargaining with their    employer without government    interference.

Yes  this is a democracy and no one    should have their rights taken away by    the government!! Especially when this    Bill is not about a wage freeze sine the    union had already agreed to a wage    freeze before this bill was presented!!

Yes I believe they do(& I'm not a    teacher!) The Government is taking    away OUR RIGHTS and it must stop NOW!     The VAST majority of teachers shape    our children to become the adults they    will be!

YES my wife is a teacher and works    hard on evenings and weekends to    prepare for the next week

Yes...it's their democratic right.   They're not an essential service  no one   is going to die if they go out on strike.












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Sunday, November 11, 2012