School Board and Lions partner for Eye See - Eye Learn

May 14, 2014


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Bluewater District School Board is conducting a pilot project with the Lions club during the months of May and June to offer free vision pretesting and hearing assessment to junior kindergarten students. Trained Lions volunteers will be visiting 10 schools to complete the pretests/assessments with children whose parents have provided consent.

The Lions club is working in partnership with the Ontario Association of Optometrists’ Eye See… Eye Learn® program, which encourages parents to take their child to a Doctor of Optometry for a professional eye examination.

Lions volunteers will conduct three brief vision pretests with each student and then submit a report of their findings to parents. All parents will then be encouraged to take the pretest results to a Doctor of Optometry so that their children can undergo a complete eye exam. One free pair of glasses will be provided to any child in junior kindergarten who requires them, made possible through the Eye See… Eye Learn® program.

Hearing assessment parent reports will also be provided by the Lions volunteers. The reports may include recommendations that parents take their children to a professional for a full hearing assessment.

The 10 pilot Bluewater schools are as follows:

Alexandra Community School (Owen Sound)

Dufferin Elementary School (Owen Sound)

G.C. Huston Public School (Southampton)

Hepworth Central Public School

Hillcrest Elementary School (Owen Sound)

Kinghurst Community School (Chesley)

Meaford Community School

Peninsula Shores District School (Wiarton)

Spruce Ridge Community School (Durham)

Walkerton District Community School

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“We are pleased to foster a community partnership with the Lions club and the Eye See… Eye Learn® program by drawing attention to the importance of early vision pretesting and hearing assessment to better support and reduce barriers for our youngest learners at the onset of their schooling,” says Superintendent of Education Alana Murray.

To learn more about the Eye See… Eye Learn® program, please visit http://www.EyeSeeEyeLearn.ca .

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014