Ripley junior horticultural club breathes life into Bruce
Botanical Food Gardens

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The Ripley Junior Horticultural Club poses with dandelion roots after working at the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens, Saturday; in the back, are Chris McLarty (L), Kevin Newman, Bob Duncan, Lucas Bronkhorst, Aurelie Bronkhorst, Burton Bronkhorst, Ramona Inauen, Sabrina Inauen; and in the front, Jen McLarty (L), Josie Middelkamp, Jaclyne Newman, Reide Searle, Elena Moore, Maggie Duncan, Alayna Middelkamp, Jacob Curran, and Natalie Newman

Lynne Taylor (L), president of the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens in Ripley, explains to the Ripley Junior Horticultural Club, how to plan a garden, Saturday morning

Seventeen members of the Ripley Junior Horticultural Club had a great time, working super-hard at the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens in Ripley, Saturday.

They did everything from dandelion-picking to creating toy gardens which were entered in the Ripley Horticultural Society's Flower Show Wednesday.

The youngsters dug right into the longest-dandelion-root competition. Later, they tasted dandelion salad with fresh garlic chives, parsley, Johnny-jump-ups, and English daisies, all fresh from the garden and tossed with Asian sesame dressing.

Dessert was a very special creation my Mary Rose Walden - chocolate cupcakes with butter cream icing and floral decorations - they were gorgeous - to celebrate leader Tryntje Eisen's birthday.

The club's work wasn't just about digging dandelions. The greens have been removed from the stems and have been returned to the earth to release the minerals and vitamins they have collected from deep within the earth to the topsoil to feed the new plants.

These young people breathed life into the garden for the season, and their hard work was greatly appreciated, said Lynne Taylor, president of the food gardens.

The Ripley Junior Horticultural Club enjoys some salad greens, fresh from the garden

Josie Middelkamp (L) won the "largest dandelion root" contest in the junior group with a 13 3/4" root, while Sabrina Inauen won in the senior group with a 12 1/4" root

Ontario Horticultural Association poster winners, are, back, Lucas Bronkhorst (L), Grade 4, first; Sabrina Inauen, Grade 6, third; front, Alayna Middelkamp (L), Grade 1, third; and Burton Bronkhorst, Grade 1, first

Kevin Newman puts on a dandelion fashion show at the Bruce Botanical Food Gardens, Saturday

Lucas Bronkhorst digs up dandelions

Elena Moore (L) and Reide Searle show the gardens they designed for their Garden Toyland

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014