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Joining the actor on stage for Dufflebag Theatre at Ripley-Huron Community School, are Avery Perrier (L), Brent Scott, Ethan Vollmer and Emma Twolan
photos courtesy of principal Graham Martin

Ethan Vollmer (second from right) of Ripley-Huron Community School tries his hand at a sword, with the actors in Dufflebag Theatre

Ethan Vollmer (R) and Emma Twolan are "framed" in Dufflebag Theatre

Avery Perrier (L) of Ripley-Huron Community School takes on a "cardinal" in Dufflebag Theatre

Supply teacher Dave Lockhart (in back) takes the Kindergarten class to the gymnasium for physical education class

Cheryl Wilken's class studies structure as part of
Scientists in the Schools

Ripley-Huron Community School has seen lots of activities over the past couple of months.

Students in Grades 4-8 joined us from Lucknow for a Dufflebag Theatre performance of “Les trois mousquetaires” by d’Alexandre Dumas.  It was a very interactive and entertaining way for students to sharpen their French language skills!  

Dufflebag Theatre features actors performing well-known stories in a new and fun way. They take stories and make them come alive through improvisation.

With improvisation, there is no formal script. The performers have a rough idea of the storyline and then they make up or adjust the story as they go along. They also invite audience members to come up and take part in the play. 

During the show, all of the students become
involved by having to listen for certain “clue” words or phrases to which they must
respond (e.g. “When I say ‘Richlieu,’ everyone says 'Vive le roi'.”).


Music teacher Janet Browne appreciates all the students at who participated in the Midwestern Ontario Rotary Music Festival. Their hard work, commitment and musical skills will benefit any future career path or activity undertaken. 

Students should be proud of their behaviour and professionalism at each event. The results are as follows: Liam Chapleau, Carson Rutledge – Woodwind Duet – 2nd Place; Kennydi Nicholson, Jada Goodman, Magen Huehn – Woodwind Trio – 1st Place; RHCS Concert Band (Grade 6/7 and 7/8) – Silver – received the Brown’s Guardian Pharmacy Trophy); Ashley Uzzell, Victoria Weber – Wind Duet – 1st Place; Victoria Weber, Ivy Farrell, Hayley Campbell – Woodwind Trio – 1st Place; Victoria Weber – Trumpet Solo – 1st Place (Scholarship Winner and performer at the Highlights Concert, May 3rd at Walkerton District Community School); Serena Rutledge – Trumpet Solo – 2nd Place; Primary Choir (Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3) – Silver; Junior Choir – Gold (Grade 4 and Grade 5). 

Appreciation to all staff and parents who supported and encouraged our involvement in the festival. A huge thank you to Minda Paisley for accompanying the choirs. Finally, thanks to Mrs. Browne for being a talented musician and teacher who is able to foster a love of music in our students.


Geography teacher Dave Quinn congratulates all intermediate students who participated in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge. The eight finalists were Madison Beishuizen, Carson Rutledge, Hart McFarlane, Jennelle Smeltzer, Calum Davis, Connor Uzzell, Jacob Lange and Kyle Henkenhaf. 

Special congratulations to our top finishers: First - Connor Uzzell, Second - Madison Beishuizen and Third - Carson Rutledge. Connor went on to compete against winners from other schools across Canada on-line, on Feb. 25, but did not make it to the top 50 in Canada.


Congratulations to Annie Leppington and Carson Rutledge for their outstanding performances at the District Public Speaking finals held at Elgin Market School on March 6! Carson finished in first place in the Junior division, and Annie finished in first place in the Intermediate division! Both speakers went on to the County Championships held on Tues. March 25 in Port Elgin. Carson finished 2nd and Annie 3rd. Thank you for representing Ripley-Huron Community School so well!!

Maddison Kelly receives a certificate of recognition ...

... as do Megan Pope ...

... and Tyson Ellis

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Daniel VanGent-MacLeod and Serena Rutledge work together during Scientists in the School

Owen Nixon builds a structure as part of Scientists in the Schools

Brandon Campbell is awarded a certificate of recognition

Peyton Gutscher (L) hangs out with supply teacher Dave Lockhart in phys. ed.

Ava Cormier-Plante works on her structure in Scientists in the Schools

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Saturday, May 17, 2014