Climate Change Education - shining some sunlight on the Great Lakes


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The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation has just released an education resource for teaching students about climate change within the Great Lakes region. "Changing Our Future" is a 170 page teacher resource that looks at how climate change will affect ecosystems, including how people will need to adapt to function in the Great Lakes region. This is the Centre's second education resource that is being made available free of charge to Ontario educators. "Understanding Beach and Dune Ecosystems" was released last month.

Geoff Peach, Coastal Resources Manager at the Centre, and one of the kit's authors, said "The Coastal Centre has taken a global issue and brought it to a local context that students can relate to. Climate Change is a complicated issue, and understanding how it relates to us locally is important to knowing what's at stake."

Designed as a Grades 7 & 8 teacher resource, the kit is available free to teachers throughout the province. It covers the subjects of Geography, Science and Technology and Language through topics including natural climate history, human impacts to climate, how climate change will impact local ecosystems and communities, and what people can do to minimize impacts and adapt to new realities.

Peach said that teachers interested in obtaining a kit can contact the Centre to obtain a copy. They can phone (519) 523-4478 or email coastalcentre@lakehuron.on.ca

This education resource was funded through a grant from Natural Resources Canada, Climate Change Action Fund and Ontario Power Generation.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010