Port Elgin Scouts, Cubs enjoy canoe training in Kincardine
By Liz Dadson


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Port Elgin youth and leaders at the canoe camp are, back, Akela Harry Jack (L), Scouts McLean Reid, Geoffrey Dadson, Gregory Dadson, Connor Cobean and Scouter David Dadson; front, Cubs Isaac Jagelewski, Nathan Cannon and David Lippett


Learning techniques to get back into a canoe after it flips, are Geoffrey Dadson (L), Nathan Cannon and Gregory Dadson


Flipping their canoe are McLean Reid (L) and David Lippett


Working with the canoes are David Lippett (L), Isaac Jagelewski, Scouter David Dadson, McLean Reid (hidden), and at the back, Gregory Dadson and Connor Cobean


Scouter Colin Crawford keeps an eye on Gregory Dadson (L, partially hidden), Nathan Cannon, Geoffrey Dadson and Connor Cobean


Scouter David Dadson (L) and Isaac Jagelewski paddle their canoe

Four Port Elgin Scouts, three Cubs, and their leaders, learned a lot about canoes during the camp at Robinson Park, Kincardine, on the weekend (April 23-25).

They worked on proper paddling techniques, discussed safety on the water, and learned how to right a canoe after it tips and get back into it.


After a practice session at the park Saturday morning, they took the canoes into the Davidson Centre pool for two hours in the afternoon to get some hands-on training - tipping the canoes, righting them and climbing back into them.

They also enjoyed campfire Friday night and Saturday night before the camp ended Sunday morning.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010