Education Survey April 25, 2010


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The Question

Do you agree with full day schooling for 3 and 4 year olds?

  • Yes

  • No


No 73.97%
Yes 26.03%

Here are some of the comments, but not all:

  • Schools should not be used for daycare.  They are for learning.
  • Check out the Finnish system.  Kids play until they are 7 and then they are prepared to learn
  • Your question was not clear.  It cannot be answered with yes or no.
  • I think we force kids to grow up way too fast as it is.   Some of those kids are sill in pull ups and taking naps.   They'll be in school long enough!
  • Maybe we could put expectant mothers in school and give them a really early start.
  • If parents decide to have children, then they should be prepared to look after them and not pass them on to a school system until they are old enough for meaningful learning.
  • Fully disagree.  Children at that age need love, attention and guidance from parents not some stranger.
  • Far too young to cope with being away from home or day care all day.  Let the little ones be little ...
  • Some younger  kids still sleep during the day.  Children will become irate and have 'melt downs'
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The issue of having children 3 and 4 in school generated a lot of  interest.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010