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Three generations ... Corrine King (R), daughter Jennifer Roote and granddaughter, Dahlia Besito

With the opening of the new Saugeen environmental affordable housing project Thursday, April 29, much of the focus was on the technology of the building itself.

The building is one of the first of its kind, built by 'First Nations for First Nations'  with all the environmental conservation upgrades that any building in Canada, on reserve and off, can have.

What is behind the building however, is the excitement and anticipation of a family that will now be moving into a new home.

Jennifer Roote and her four children, the most recent is one-month old Dahlia, can hardly wait to move in on June 1st.  "There's lots of closet space and the new appliances are awesome," says Roote, "we can hardly wait to get into our new home."

Each unit is a three bedroom, one and half bath townhouse type of construction complete with basement.  Earth tones prevail with laminate and vinyl flooring throughout for easy care.  The main floor features the kitchen, dining and living room with a half-bath and en-suite laundry room.

Upstairs are the three bedrooms.  The master features a large walk-in closet and the main bath also has a large linen closet.  An additional feature is a half wall giving the upstairs an open concept feeling.

While landscaping is not yet complete, each unit will have a stone patio and privacy fence at the back with an entrance off the kitchen/dining room.

Dave Cutting, specialized builder

On the other side of the fence are the builders who got more out of the development than just the building.

Dave Cutting, who has worked on projects around the world, including Japan several times and throughout the United States including Florida, says that this project was "simply amazing".  "We used products and techniques that I haven't seen before to build a green development.  I only wish I had used many of the techniques in my own home."

According to Cutting, the entire project was very satisfying.  "I met a lot of people that I became friends with," he said.  "Paul King of Saugeen is one of the most incredible builders and organizers I have ever worked with.  He brought the guys together and made a lot of the build happen."

Everyone who worked on the development chalked it up to team work and partnerships but what it comes down to is creating a home for people like Jennifer Roote and her family.


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Monday, May 03, 2010