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The May full moon on the 27th day, 19th hour and 7th minute - to the Cheyenne, it is known as the 'Moon when the horses get fat'.  The common name we know is the "Full Flower Moon".

Meteor Showers are the ETA AQUARIDS from May 4th to the 7th, in the southeast between 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. for the best viewing and will be seen traveling very swiftly in long paths.


May 9:  Rogation Sunday, the 5th Sunday after Easter and the following three days before Ascension Day.  Also Mother's Day [in the UK, Mother's Sunday is the 4th Sunday in Lent when children pick violets or lily of the valley or primrose

May 21:  Red Cross was established in 1881

May 22:  National Maritime Day

May 23:  Whit Sunday

May 24:  Victoria Day [known locally as May 2/4]

May 30:  Joan of Arc burned at the stake in 1431

May 31:  U.S. Memorial Day

Weather Predictions:

Canadian Farmers' Almanac:

May 1 - 11:  Pleasant, warm, frost patches, showers and a couple of thunderstorms

May 9 - 15:  Sunny, heavier thunderstorms and frost pockets

May 22  Sunny, seasonal temperatures with a passing thunderstorm

May 23 - 31:  Hot with thunderstorms, followed by sunny and cool

Old Farmers' Almanac:

May 1 - 3:  Showers and warm

May 4 - 12:  Sunny then showers

May 13 - 17:   Sunny in the east and showers in the west

May 18 - 20:  Hot and sunny

May 21 - 25: Hot with thunderstorms, followed by sunny and cool

May 31:  Warm with showers

General - above seasonal temperatures with lower than normal precipitation


Hoar frost in May indicates a good fall harvest

Swarm of bees in May, worth a load of hay

In the middle of May comes the tail of winter

Don't cast a clout until May is out

Three white frosts will be followed by rain [not right for Saugeen Shores]



This season seems all wrong, and the tendency is to want to plant up but tender perennials and tender crops from seed should wait for the ground to warm up.  As for planting out tomatoes and peppers and all, wait until the ground is 52F (11.11C) and get stocky plants and not lanky for setting out and they will root quickly..

Trees, shrubs and evergreens are AOk now although garden centres are somewhat sparse at present.  Suppliers have dates rating when 'safe' to send to various zones.  For instance, Dwarf Alberta Spruce is shipped from Canadian and U.S. West Coast areas and after several days of travel in containers have grown roots inches long that frost and wind would scorch badly.

If plants are tender, acclimatize them slowly or protect after planting for a few days.

Do not neglect the watering in and add bone meal fertilizer.


Good luck ... TMITTH


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Tuesday, May 04, 2010