G. C. Huston Breakfast Club receives donation

June 5, 2014


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(L-R) Drew Watson [Lake Huron Rod & Gun], Principal Dan Russell, Eat & Learn's Bev Gateman and Brad Thomas [Lake Huron Rod & Gun]

It's a time to socialize!

(L-R) Amelia Shannon, Bridget Root, Rebecca & Virginia Henry and Laurie Kaghee

The Breakfast Club of G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton received a gift on Wednesday, June 4th (2014).

Lake Huron Rod & Gun has supported the Breakfast program of 'Eat and Learn' for seven years and, with its recent donation of $4,580, has given some $35,000 to the program.

"Although Eat & Learn provides a healthy substantial breakfast," says G. C. Huston Principal, Dan Russell, "it is also a chance for the students to socialize before the day begins ... and that's important."

Volunteers, many of them seniors, go in to the school every morning and prepare nutritious breakfasts that include fruit, cereal, juice, cheese and often pancakes or waffles.

Co-ordinator of the program, Bev Gateman, says that a nutritious breakfast helps students learn better.  "This isn't a program for those who can't afford breakfast," she says, "it is  a program for children from all walks of life who for, whatever reason, may miss breakfast, or even forget to bring lunch."

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Thursday, June 05, 2014