Saugeen First Nation Amphitheatre Restoration continues

May 31, 2014

First Nations

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The first ever First Nation to reach Step 1 of Certification process in Dry Stone Walling

(L-R) Ronnie Ritchie, Matt Wolfe, Henry Mandawoub, James Doatri, Mike Henry & Master Craftsman and Chief Examiner from England, Andrew Loudon 

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On Tuesday, May 27th (2014), the first-ever First Nation men reached Step 1 in the Stone Wall Certification process.

The group has been learning the craft of dry stone wall construction since November in order to re-build the stone walls and steps found at the Saugeen Amphitheatre.  The entire project is expected to take some 10 years to complete.

As part of the certification process, each of the participants from Saugeen First Nation had to dismantle a section of wall that had been previously built and then re-construct it while being timed.

Their work was then critiqued by Lead Instructor Dean McLellan and Master Craftsman and Chief Examiner of the Stone Walling Association of Great Britain, Andrew Loudon. 

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Saturday, May 31, 2014