KTTPS hosts "Scientists
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Grade 2 students Carter Frook (L), Jake, Gavin Beaty and Thomas Wall observe how air takes up space by inverting a cup in water and seeing that the paper towel inside does not get wet, with help from Thomas' mom, during "Scientists in the Schools," May 16 at Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School
photos by Brenda Colquhoun

Aaron (L) tests "land yachts" to see the effect of sail size, while Emma Baker records the results at "Scientists in the School," May 16 at KTTPS

A crowd of Grade 2 students gathered at Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School for a "Scientists in the Schools" workshop from the University of Waterloo, Friday, May 16.

The students visited five centres manned by "Scientist Barbara" and four parent volunteers.

They tested "land yachts" to see how sail size affected movement; they tried a simulation filtration to see how chemicals applied to soil get into water; they measured the mass of water and air; they used a water wheel to lift buckets of marbles; they blew up plastic bag "air lifters" to test what they could lift with air; and they put paper towel in cups and submerged them upside down and kept the paper towel dry.

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Jacob Wencel tests out his "air bag filter," predicting then testing what he can lift (eg. pom-poms, rocks, etc.) by inflating the bag

Jake (L), Gavin Beaty and Reece Crawford, assisted by Mrs. Frook, see how water does the work by operating a water wheel to lift a bucket of marbles

Lily Goetz (R) observes how fertilizer leaches through grass, soil and rock into our water system as Aaron demonstrates on the model, during "Scientists in the Schools" at KTTPS, May 16

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Thursday, May 29, 2014