St. Anthony's School Grade 8 graduates honoured
By Liz Dadson



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Receiving Service awards at St. Anthony's School Grade 8 graduation, Tuesday night, are, back, Erika Ebben (L), Stephen Gadd, Katrina Jaszkul, Chloe Wheeler; and front, Quinn Richardson (L), Lauren Richardson and Emma Swift

County award winners are, back, Kara Colhoun (L), Katrina Jaszkul, Ariel Luinstra, Payton McCormick, Marcus Villena, Alexis Whitworth-Bjerg; and front, Bryce McFadden (L), Matthew Harrison, Kathryn Low, Eila Barger, Julia Di Castri, and Quinn Richardson; absent, is Josephine Yoon

Aaron Gordon (L), Brendan Arciszewski and Jed Gonzales of the Kinetic Knights Robotics team (FRC Team 781), present the new Engineering Inspiration award to Quinn Richardson at St. Anthony's School Grade 8 graduation

Award winners, are Kendrick Shepherd (L), Ariel Luinstra, Kathryn Low, Payton McCormick, Julia Di Castri and Adam Murphy

Winning awards, are Thomas Veenstra (L), Katrina Jaszkul, Emily Martens-Oberwelland, Markus Hack and Lauren Richardson

Award winners, are valedictorians Sebastian Herrick-MacDonald (L) and Ariel Luinstra, Marcus Villena, Matthew Harrison and Rebecca McDonald

The Grade 8 graduates at St. Anthony's School in Kincardine, were honoured at a ceremony held Tuesday evening at the school.

Following the Graduation Prayer Service, Sebastian Herrick-MacDonald and Ariel Luinstra gave the valedictorian address.

Sebastian said it's hard to believe that he and his fellow graduates will be in high school this fall. Many will be going their separate ways - to Kincardine District Secondary School or Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton, or moving away.

"We have bonded because of the many things we've been through - ridiculous supply teachers, amazing times in class, and driving our teachers insane.

"I have to thank all of you, you made me what I am today - aren't you proud?" he said, with a laugh.

Ariel, speaking for the French Immersion graduates, recalled some interesting moments through the past 10 years at St. Anthony's.

One highlight, she said, was the day the class was studying the awareness of drug and alcohol abuse. The students got off topic, and the teacher could be heard to holler to them, "Listen, we're on drugs right now."

"We've had some wonderful and eventful times at St. Anthony's," she said. "I wish everyone all the best in high school."

Following an address by principal Mary Campbell and the presentation of awards and diplomas, there was a slide show, and the event ended with a reception and dance.

Award winners are as follows:

Valedictorians - Sebastian Herrick-MacDonald and Ariel Luinstra

Language arts award - Julia Di Castri and Payton McCormick

French award - Adam Murphy

Prix d'excellence de Francais - Kathryn Low

Kincardine Lions Club Proficiency in Math - Ariel Luinstra and Kendrick Shepherd

Kincardine Lions Club Proficiency in Music award - Lauren Richardson

Science award - Thomas Veenstra

Canadian Tire Canadian Studies award Emily Martens-Oberwelland

Certificate of Achievement in Mathematics, for completing Grade 9 math in final year at St. Anthony's - Matthew Harrison and Kathryn Low

NEW - Engineering Inspiration award - sponsored by FRC Team 781 - Kinetic Knights, given to a student who displays technical leadership, having both excellent people and technical skills - Quinn Richardson

Arts award - Rebecca McDonald

Dramatic Arts award - Eila Barger

Knights of Columbus Athletic awards - Male: Bryce McFadden; Female: Kara Colhoun

Bruce Power Technology award - Marcus Villena

Catholic School Council Community award - Chloe Wheeler

County awards - Eila Barger, Julia Di Castri, Matthew Harrison, Payton McCormick, Bryce McFadden, Quinn Richardson, Ariel Luinstra, Kathryn Low, Katrina Jaszkul, Kara Colhoun, Josephine Yoon, Alexis Whitworth-Bjerg, Marcus Villena

Tiverton Lions Club award for outstanding effort - Bryce McFadden

Tiverton Lions Club School Spirit award - Chloe Wheeler

Pastor's award - Marcus Villena


Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson (R) presents a diploma to Grade 8 graduate Sebastian Herrick-MacDonald at the St. Anthony's School, Kincardine, graduation ceremony, Tuesday night

Grade 8 graduate Julia Di Castri (L) receives her graduation diploma from Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson

Catholic Women's League for Christian Living award - Male: Markus Hack; Female: Kara Colhoun

Rotary Club General Proficiency award - Ariel Luinstra

Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board Academic Excellence and Catholic Values award - Katrina Jaszkul

Service award - Erica Ebben, Quinn Richardson, Emma Swift, Lauren Richardson, Katrina Jaszkul, Stephen Gadd, Chloe Wheeler

Liz Dadson

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