Huron Heights Ontario election Student Vote favours NDP
in Huron-Bruce


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Students at Huron Heights Public School in Kincardine, made their voices heard, voting for the Huron-Bruce candidates in the Ontario election, as part of the province-wide Student Vote.

The school saw 307 ballots cast, with the majority in favour of Jan Johnstone of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Johnstone garnered 121 votes, well ahead of the Progressive Conservatives (PC)'s Lisa Thompson with 57 votes, the Liberals' Colleen Schenk with 52 votes, and the Green Party's Adam Werstine with 37 votes.

The remaining parties received a handful of votes: Libertarian, 20; Family Coalition, seven; Equal Parenting Party, three.

There were nine spoiled ballots, and one declined.

The actual Ontario election results for Huron-Bruce, saw Thompson re-elected, followed in the polls by Schenk and Johnstone.

Nearly 170,000 students under the voting age cast ballots in Student Vote 2014.

After learning about the democratic process, researching the candidates and party platforms, and debating the future of Ontario, students cast their ballots for official candidates running in their electoral district.

By the end of the school day, 169,277 votes were reported from more than 1,261 schools representing all 107 electoral districts in the province.

Overall, the student vote saw the Liberals win a majority government with 62 seats, increasing their seat count from 39 in 2011 and increasing their share of the popular vote to 32.4 per cent. Party leader Kathleen Wynne won in her electoral district and was elected premier by the students of Ontario.

The NDP won 33 seats, losing seven seats since the last Student Vote. Party leader Andrea Horwath kept her seat in Hamilton Centre. The party received the same share of the popular vote as in 2011: 26 per cent.

The PCs took 11 seats, remarkably down from 25 in 2011. Their share of the popular vote decreased to 18.3 per cent and leader Tim Hudak lost in his own electoral district.

The Green Party won one seat with 14.6 per cent of the popular vote, while leader Mike Schreiner lost in his own electoral district. The party won two seats in the last Student Vote.


Results Highlights:
  • Only two leaders of the major political parties won their seats: Kathleen Wynne in Don Valley West and Andrea Horwath in Hamilton Centre. In Niagara West Glanbrook, PC leader Tim Hudak finished in third place behind the Liberal and NDP candidates. Green Party leader Mike Schreiner finished second in Guelph.
  • Eight per cent of the popular vote went to parties that did not win seats. The relatively unknown Libertarian Party won 3.3 per cent of votes cast.
  • Markham-Unionville had the most students reporting results with 4,251 votes cast.
  • Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke and Brant each had 22 schools report results more than any other electoral district. Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke also had the most schools report results in the 2011 Student Vote.
  • Preliminary results from Whitby-Oshawa, Chatham-Kent-Essex and York West showed very close races. Candidates had been declared with less than 15 votes separating winners. In Whitby-Oshawa, the top three candidates were separated by just 31 votes.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014