'Prom Royalty' crowned for 2014


July 3, 2014


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Saugeen District Secondary students held their annual private 'Prom' on Friday, June 27th (2014). 

The graduating students planned the entire 'private' event as the school does not allow the 'Prom' to be held in, or in conjunction with, the school.

Queen, LaTasha Millette & King, Bobby Gross

Over 140 students attended the annual event held at the Lakeshore Recreation Centre in Port Elgin, where LaTasha Millette was crowned 'Prom Queen' and Bobby Gross was crowned 'Prom King'.  'Prom Princess' was Alex Morrow and  'Prom Prince' was Justin Lamont.

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Millette was also the SAC Social Convenor along with Lindsay Ross and, despite school restrictions, they were able to organize a successful and memorable experience for the graduating class of 2014.

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Friday, July 04, 2014