Adoptapet-Pet Rescue gives homeless pets a 2nd chance


July 9, 2014


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It's hard to believe that anyone could be cruel to the little four-legged creatures that depend on humans for food, shelter and ... love, but it happens every day as Kathi Newell-Nicholson can attest to.

Newell-Nicholson founded Adoptapet-PetRescue in Lucknow, Ontario and often finds herself overwhelmed by the number of dogs and cats that need a home.

She recently held a fundraiser at Pet Valu in Port Elgin in attempt to raise funds and/or find potential homes for her four-legged friends.

Kathi Newell-Nicholson with Buddy

Nicholson brought a few of her friends with her, including Buddy.  "Buddy came to us from a puppy mill in Missouri," she explained.  "When authorities move in on a puppy mill, they contact many of the Pet Rescues throughout the U.S. and Canada and ask if they can take in any of the animals found there.  Those who aren't lucky enough or who can't survive long enough to go to a Rescue centre are put down.  Buddy was one of the lucky ones ... he came to us and is going nowhere.  He is now at home."

Unfortunately, according to Newell-Nicholson and the Bruce County Humane Society, Bruce County is the worst region in Ontario for puppy mills, where dogs are kept in cages and are made to breed over and over producing hundreds of puppies that are sold.

A little girl rescued from a Mennonite puppy mill after being bred into exhaustion and suffering from severe tooth decay

According to Newell-Nicholson, many signs on roadsides that say 'Puppies for Sale by Owner' are often puppy mill situations.  "Unfortunately, the Keady Market is known, within the Rescue circle, for having puppy mill puppies for sale by Mennonites, who are notorious for running puppy mills."

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'Henry' and his identical sister also from a puppy mill where cross-breeding occurs

'Winston' was rescued from a shelter

"Our motto is ... please do not breed or buy while shelter pets die!" says Newell-Nicholson.

Adoptapet-Pet Rescue not only provides a rescue service, it also ensure that all animals are spayed and neutered and medically sound before they are adopted. They also carefully screen potential adopters to ensure a right fit between animal and potential owner.

The Rescue is a not-for-profit service that relies on fundraisers and donations to maintain a home for animals who otherwise would be homel ss.

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