Class of 2014 honoured
at Huron Heights Grade 8 graduation ceremony

By Liz Dadson



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Award winners at the Huron Heights Public School, Kincardine, Grade 8 graduation, Wednesday night, are, back, Jake Colley (L), Lily Freiburger, Julia McGregor, Conner Dixon; and front, Ryan Thede (L), Garrett Campbell, Adam MacDonald and Tyler Dahmer

Winning awards, are, back, Ryan Gowland (L), Justin Moulton, Cailyn McKay, Kady Rice; and front, Edwin Byle (L), Dyllan Mooser, Cassidy Murray-Collins and Tatiana Bumba

Award winners, are, back, Tyler Brousseau (L), Paige Mercanti, Jenna Dennis, Liam MacKinnon; and front, Priya Kalra, Nicki Tibben and Julia Hallam

The Class of 2014 at Huron Heights Public School, Kincardine, was honoured at the Grade 8 graduation ceremony, Wednesday night.

Following the presentation of awards and diplomas, valedictorians Conner Dixon and Julia McGregor spoke on behalf of the graduating class.

Julia began the trip down memory lane, noting that Kindergarten was great at Elgin Market, with the arts and crafts table, and nap time. Followed by Grade 1 with Ms. Hageraats and her many adventures.

Once the students reached Grade 4, they moved to Huron Heights. Conner said one memorable moment was on a trip to the beach and someone saw a funnel cloud, the teacher hollered tornado and everyone ran for their lives.

Some of the graduates came to Huron Heights from Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School two years ago, and they recalled the French Cafe and going to the Outdoor Education Centre as highlights of Grades 6-7.

Back at Huron Heights, Conner said that in Grade 6, the French teacher was taking the students to track and field but the weather was not nice. Jake Colley was instructed to run back to the school and tell the rest not to head out, but then a terrible thunderstorm hit, and the French teacher ran so fast, he passed Jake on the way back to the school.

As the students from KTTPS joined Huron Heights, their sports teams became the Lightning Hawks, and the KTTPS crew brought along the delicious turkey dinner and ice cream days.

The Grade 8 graduation trip included three days in Ottawa and it was amazing, said Julia.

"Now to the future," she said. "Our time as children is coming to a close, but we can still dream. Follow your heart and dream, and let that guide your future."

"Decide what you want to do in life," added Conner. "Find a job that you love doing and it's never a chore; you'll look forward to the work day.

"Make the best of your life, and treat people the way you want to be treated.

"As comedian Jim Carrey, said, 'The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is'."

Congratulations to the Class of 2014.

Award winners are as follows:

Pat Lambert peace award - Julia McGregor

Geography award - Conner Dixon

Tiverton Lions Outstanding Effort award - Tyler Brousseau

Most improved award - Liam MacKinnon and Jenna Dennis

OSSTF award - Garrett Campbell

CUPE award - Justin Moulton

Inclusiveness and Diversity award - Tatiana Bumba

OPC Leadership award - Jake Colley

Service Above Self award - Ryan Gowland

Agnes Adeline Johnston Memorial award - Priya Kalra

Kenzie Foster Memorial award - Edwin Byle

Citizenship award - Kady Rice

NEW - Kinetic Knights Robotics team Engineering Inspiration award - Tyler Dahmer

English award - Priya Kalra

Writer's award - Paige Mercanti


Valedictorians Julia McGregor (L) and Conner Dixon

Reg Lundy Sportsmanship award - Jake Colley and Lily Freiburger

Barbara Ball award for general proficiency - Paige Mercanti

Emma Johnstone award - Conner Dixon

Eleanor Campbell Academic award - Cailyn McKay

George Armstrong Sportsmanship award - Jenna Dennis

Valedictorians - Conner Dixon and Julia McGregor

Bruce Power Math award - Ryan Thede

Bruce Power Science award - Nicki Tibben

Music award - Julia Hallam

Male athlete of the year - Dylan Mooser
Female athlete of the year - Cassidy Murray-Collins

French award - Lily Freiburger

Kincardine Lions History award - Cassidy Murray-Collins

Art award - Tatiana Bumba

Drama award - Adam MacDonald

Liz Dadson

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