Students in Kincardine participate in Yellow Fish Road™ storm-drain-marking program
By Liz Dadson



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This group of students from Ècole Elgin Market Public School, Kincardine, has its gear ready to go take part in the Yellow Fish Road™ storm-drain-marking program, Wednesday, June 25; from left, are  Spencer Adams, Nathan Williams, Elle Cottrill, Katelyn Chilton, Abby Hegmans and Ashley Hegmans

Nancy Griffin (R) of the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA), directs the students to the demonstration of the
Yellow Fish Road™ program in front of Ècole Elgin Market Public School

Jo-Anne Harbinson (third from left) of the SVCA, gathers the students for a demonstration of the
Yellow Fish Road™ program

Alyson Carnell (L)  paints, while Morgan Talbot holds the template, under the watchful eye of Jo-Anne Harbinson of the SVCA

Taking part in the
Yellow Fish Road™ program, are Abigail Lange (L), Alyson Carnell, Morgan Talbot, Sarah Lehtovaara, and Siobhan Lehtovaara

Teacher Mary Senese (C) and her group do their part for the
Yellow Fish Road™ program; from left, are William Middlekamp, John Graham, Liane Mercanti, Nicole Poirier, and Julianna Rutledge

Students in Kincardine took part in the Yellow Fish Road™ storm-drain-marking program, sponsored by the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) and Trout Unlimited Canada, at the end of June.

Originally initiated in the Saugeen Watershed during the mid-1990s, this popular program is designed to educate people about storm drains and the importance of clean water.

With the program, participants learn that rainfall and snow melt travel across the landscape then through storm drains to flow directly to our local waterways without being treated. Participants explore how hazardous waste can find its way into this runoff, leading to possible water contamination.

Participants ‘can make a difference’ by painting yellow fish near storm drains to serve as a reminder that any materials entering the storm drain could go directly to a local waterway. ‘Fish hangers’ are also distributed on doors in participating neighbourhoods to educate the community about the program.

Grade 4 and 5 students from Ècole Elgin Market, Huron Heights and St. Anthony’s Schools were actively involved in this community project during the last week of school.

If the Yellow Fish Road™ program prevents one person from washing contaminants down a storm drain, then this directly benefits our watercourses and ultimately our drinking water sources," says Jo-Anne Harbinson, manager of water resources and stewardship services for the SVCA. 

"Maintaining clean water also provides tremendous benefits to animal and aquatic species that use the river for food, shelter and reproductive purposes."

Local funding assistance for this program has been received from Stewardship Grey Bruce and the Penetangore Watershed Group. In addition, the SVCA will be working with staff from the Municipality of Kincardine to implement this program.

The Yellow Fish Road™ program is a Green Street

approved, nation-wide environmental initiative, launched by Trout Unlimited Canada. It is a fun, hands-on way to learn about the importance of clean water.

More than 60,000 volunteers throughout Canada have participated in the program since its launch in 1991, including more than 1,500 from the Saugeen Watershed. It has also been initiated internationally in the United States, Australia and Scotland.

 © Liz Dadson

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Teacher Christine Cooper (back, centre), and her "cone-head" students get ready to take part in the Yellow Fish Road™ program; from left, are Bella Lane, Chase Anderson, Ella Jones, Gabrielle Legge and Leonard Antle

Morgan Talbot sweeps the area clear before any painting begins

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