Volunteers pitch in with
clean-up at greenhouses
in Bruce Energy Centre

By Liz Dadson



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Peter Herburger (L), president of AMMCan, and vice-president Sarah Herburger, stand with volunteer co-ordinator Keith Cleveland inside the greenhouses at the Bruce Energy Centre, where a group of volunteers was helping with clean-up Sunday morning

Volunteers help clean up the greenhouses at the Bruce Energy Centre Sunday morning

Debris on the dirt floors is being cleared away so new concrete floors can be poured

This section of the greenhouses will house the initial phase of medical marijuana plants

The greenhouses at the Bruce Energy Centre are slated to be growing medical marijuana by this fall

A team of about 20 volunteers worked shoulder-to-shoulder with owners of a medical marijuana business, helping to clean up the greenhouses at the Bruce Energy Centre, Sunday.

It was hot, sweaty work but volunteer co-ordinator Keith Cleveland was pleased with the show of support for Advanced Medical Marijuana Canada (AMMCan), a Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (C SL) company, which hopes to have the vacant greenhouses producing medical marijuana by the fall.

"I have six grandchildren and it's great to have this kind of job opportunity available," said Cleveland. "This business is bringing 100 jobs here and it's important to support the company and those jobs."

Company president Peter M. Herburger appreciated the show of support from the local community.

The volunteers came from Kincardine, Tiverton, Ripley and Port Elgin, and were treated to lunch after their hard work.

"To us, there is no better sign that we are proceeding with the support of Kincardine behind us, something which is not the case for every applicant in our industry," he said.

Herburger said it was wonderful to have a group of local volunteers working alongside him, vice-president Sarah Herburger and Aaron Ruimy, Information Technology (IT) director, Sunday morning.

"We hope to start production in the fall," he said, noting the company is working with the Kincardine planning department toward that end.

"It's going to continue as a greenhouse but with 10 times more security," he said, "and an unbelievably clean environment."

The processing area will have more rooms and will include a vault.

Ruimy said the front door of the facility will face the laneway, with a security cage similar to an airlock on a space shuttle. People will come in the first door and be checked by security before being allowed entrance through the second door, he said.

There will also be additional security through an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanner.

Ruimy said Health Canada is very strict about information security, including patient data. "We know patients deserve their information to be confidential."

To the right of the front door, will be the processing room, and to the left will be offices. And across from that area, is the first growing room, where the initial phase of baby plants and mature plants will be nurtured.

The north end of the greenhouse complex will be Phase 1 and 2, followed by the south side which will be Phase 3 and 4, said Ruimy.

Sunday, volunteers were clearing away debris, removing light fixtures, and tidying up scrap metal which will be recycled.

Contractors are lined up to pour concrete floors where there are currently dirt floors, said Ruimy.

Peter Herburger said clean-up of the greenhouses has been ongoing since June 1.

The facility was used to grow hothouse tomatoes until it was left vacant about 20 years ago.

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Collette Harman of Kincardine helps clear away plastic debris at the greenhouses

Blayne Nicholson of Kincardine drags away some plastic piping as he helps clean up the greenhouses at the Bruce Energy Centre, Sunday morning

Doug Peebles of Tiverton removes light fixtures

AMMCan IT director Aaron Ruimy removes wiring at the greenhouses

Liz Dadson

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014