Saugeen First Nation stone-wall project continues


August 4, 2014

First Nations

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Andre Lemieux was brought in to build an outdoor fireplace ... his area of expertise

Gardens will continue to expand

Saugeen First Nation continues to expand and improve on the Amphitheatre location with the new dry stone-wall technique.

The location that has been the site of many weddings, concerts and other events, is undergoing a massive restoration.

It is anticipated that the entire restoration projectg will take at least 10 years to complete but, when finished, will be a unique North American world class site.

Saugeen Shores Mayor Mike Smith toured the site with his daughter, Becky and grandson, Daxton

Saugeen First Nation men decided to build a monument in memory of missing First Nation women

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The Amphitheatre gardens at Saugeen First Nation are continuing to undergo a major transformation.

Exquisite stone art work learned in a short time by Saugeen First Nation 'stone builders'

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