Local couple celebrates 50 years


August 31, 2014


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Karen and Tom Stewart celebrate 50 years ...

... with their children, Tom Jr., Tamara and Wendy (R)

... and some of Tom's siblings ... Millie (L) Tom, Pat Stewart, Ola Young, David & Carl Stewart

Approximately 80 relatives and friends attended Karen and Tom Stewart's 50th wedding anniversary' celebration held a few days early on Saturday, August 30th (2014).

The couple was married on September 5, 1964 in Ancaster, ON at St. Ann's Church and, today, live in Southampton.

Karen and sister Dianne Leveans

Both Stewarts are artists who own and operate Artworks in Wood studio in Southampton where Karen Stewart displays her paintings and photography and Tom displays is wood carvings and burl bowls. 

They also own T.A. Stewart & Son Contracting in Southampton.

(L-Fr.) Destiny Martens, Maggie Kobe, (L-B.) Sierra Martin & Carly Acton

All ages enjoyed the day out of doors with ATV riding, biking and a BBQ 'pot luck'.

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The celebration was held at the couple's summer 'retreat' home that Karen Stewart designed

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