St. Anthony's students wear green on Franco Ontario Day;
and to promote Terracycle


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Mme Brown and M. Gosselin lead the St. Anthony's School assembly Thursday morning, Sept. 15; all the students were wearing green and white to represent
the colours of the Franco Ontarian flag
photos by Philippa Luksic

Mlle Dahmer's French immersion Junior and Senior Kindergarten class at St. Anthony's School, watches as the Franco Ontarian and Canadian flags are raised at
the front of the school; from left, are Reilly Antler Lake, Kylie Granger,
Ella Szydlowksi and Oscar Weerasinghe

Students at St. Anthony's School celebrated Franco Ontarian Day by wearing green and white while raising the Franco Ontarian flag, Thursday, Sept. 25. 

The pupils made a sincere effort to speak as much French as they could all day.

We are proud that we are able to speak two languages at our school!

Raising the Franco Ontarian flag at St. Anthony's School, are Ana Morariu (L), Tomas Nancekivell, Rebecca Thompson, Danielle McKitterick, Erica Vanderweil and Caleb Hunt

Also at St. Anthony's, the Green Team was handing out business cards, promoting Terracycle, Saturday, Sept. 27, at Sobeys Kincardine.

Terracycle is an alternative recycling program whereby items that are normally thrown in the garbage can be recycled (such as diaper packaging, t-discs, cereal bags, etc.). 

For more information, check the Facebook page, at: www.facebook.com/kincardineterracycle


The St. Anthony's School Green Team hands out business cards, promoting Terracycle; in the back, are Isabella Baglole (L), Claire Marcotte, Emma Thompson; and i n front, Nicolas Marcotte (L) and Bekah Thompson
photo by Amanda Saxton

Zak Fletcher (L), Nolan Lampi and Erica Vanderweil of St. Anthony's School, wear green and wave the Franco Ontarian flag

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