GIRLS Science Club has electrifying morning
By Liz Dadson

Science/Women Today

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Cydney Morris (L), 10, of Port Elgin, and Emma Arnold, 10, of Kincardine, experiment with various materials to discover which ones conduct electricity at the GIRLS Science Club, sponsored by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and Women in Nuclear (WiN) Bruce, Friday morning at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre

It was an electrifying morning for 25 girls in Grades 4-7, at the GIRLS (Girls In Real Life Science) Club program held Friday at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre.

Sponsored by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and Women in Nuclear (WiN) Bruce, the event focused on electrical engineering - how circuits work, what conducts and insulators are, and how to make a working door alarm.

The morning of learning and fun was conducted by Mara Fontana of the University of Waterloo's engineering outreach. A graduate of Dalhousie University's neuroscience program, she is now a co-ordinator, promoting women in engineering at the post-secondary level.

The GIRLS Club morning featured hands-on experiments and fun projects. After learning that a conductor allows electrons to flow through, while insulators stop the flow of electrons, the girls then went into experiment mode and using a battery chip, battery and LED light, figured out which materials were conductors of electricity and which were insulators.

Abby Shields, 9, of Kincardine is pleased to see her LED light up showing the testing unit is working

Mara Fontana holds up the door alarm ...

... and then shows how it would be placed in the door

Instructor Mara Fontana (R) helps Sheetal Gill, 10, of Tiverton, set up the testing unit for the experiment on conductors and insulators

Julia McGregor (L) and Payton McCormick, both 12 of Kincardine, conduct the experiment and record their findings

Maya Hunter, 9, of Kincardine conducts the experiment for conductors and insulators

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Monday, November 26, 2012