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October 13, 2014


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Many hands make light work ... as students assemble kits

Always on the cutting edge when it comes to fun school activities that are used a teaching tool, G. C. Huston Pubic School in Southampton created a memorable Thanksgiving for students and their families.

All students, except those away for cross-country exercises, participated in creating 'DIY' baking kits for Dutch apple pies in time for the holiday weekend and as a fundraiser for the school.

Jr. and Sr. Kindergarten and grade 1 classes made turkey crafts that uniquely decorated bags which held the pie kits complete with assembly and baking instructions.

An 'assembly line' of 'peelers', 'crumblers', 'seasoners', 'baggers' and 'decorators' complete 107 pie kits and peeled 770 cups of applies. 

Uniquely decorated bags

While the entire process was fun and nutritional, it went several steps beyond that for the students who, at the same time, learned about math, accuracy, the value of teamwork and where their food actually comes from, with premium local Royal Gala apples provided by Smith Apple Farm at a 50% discounted rate.

In addition, all the apple peels and cores are being composted to ensure the entire process was an 'ECO' activity with virtually no garbage. The frozen pies were then sent home to be baked so that the school had no extra energy costs and the use of paper bags continued the 'ECO' lessons for students and their families. 

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For some, the juicy apples couldn't be ignored!

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Monday, October 13, 2014