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October 14, 2014

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Fred Schildroth was only in his twenties when he decided to enter politics in 1985.

Some 29 years later, he has decided to call it quits ... for the time being anyway with the Council meeting on October 14th being his last.

"Both my wife's family and my family come from this area," says Schildroth, "so I wanted to become involved particularly when the issue first arose around a possible sale of Bruce Telecom."

Schildroth has long been recognized as the 'calm voice of reason' in Saugeen Shores politics.

"As a member of council," says Mayor Mike Smith, "I have always admired Fred's level-headed approach and that he always had the best interests of the community at large at heart.  I know that we haven't heard the last from Fred and hope to see him involved in future endeavours in the community."

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Fred Schildroth

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014