Ripley Ravens enjoy school barbecue, Terry Fox Run,
and cross-country


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Parents, staff and volunteers, including Ann Ellis (second to left), Barb Grubb, Dave Quinn and Allan Mackay, help prepare the food at the Ripley-Huron Community School Meet the Teacher barbecue held Sept. 24 at the school
photos courtesy of principal Graham Martin

Enjoying some hockey at the barbecue, are Carson Rutledge (L) and Ethan Vollmer

Taking part in the Ripley-Huron Community School Terry Fox Run Sept. 24, are Summer Gallina (L), Sophia Booth and Evey Booth

The Ripley-Huron Community School senior boys cross-country team is fired up for the regional run held Oct. 9 at Ainsdale Golf Course

Ready for the regional cross-country run, are Ripley-Huron Community School senior girls Jada Goodman (L), Sarah Cassidy, Hayley Campbell, Emma Twolan, Madison Beishuizen, Maddy, Ashley Uzzell, Becky  Blanchard, Magen Huehn, and in front, Serena Rutledge

The Ripley-Huron Community School Tyke girls get ready to run

Ripley-Huron Community School hosted a Terry Fox Run, Wednesday, Sept. 24.

Students learned about the many challenges Terry faced in 1980 when he ran the equivalent of a marathon a day for 143 days straight. They also learned about the value of effort, and how many people can work together to accomplish great things. 

Thank you to the community for supporting
Terry's Marathon of Hope to bring an end to cancer. The school raised $733.75 to help fight cancer.

Also on Sept. 24, the school hosted the Meet the Teacher barbecue.

 Grade 8 students also hosted a Fun Fair to help raise money to support the school's 'With My Own Two Hands" initiative which will be used to help people in the community.  

Kyle Smeltzer won the draw to throw a pie in principal Graham Martin's face.

Oct. 9, students competed in the regional cross-country meet at Ainsdale Golf Course.  

The students demonstrated excellent effort, school spirit and sportsmanship!  Way to go, Ripley Ravens!  Thank you to coaches Ann Ellis, Dave Quinn and Barb Grubb.

Kyle Smeltzer (L) gets ready to throw a pie into the face of principal Graham Martin at the Ripley-Huron Community School Meet the Teacher barbecue Sept. 24 ...

... Kyle laughs after doing the deed ...

... and the principal cleans up afterwards

Enjoying the fishing game at the barbecue, are Becky Blanchard (L), Jace Irwin and Emily Cassidy

Caitlin Weber of Ripley-Huron Community School competes in the regional cross-country

Tyler Neabel in cross-country

Jack Beddington (R) of Ripley races ahead in cross-country

Kate Leppington in cross-country


Emily Cassidy cheers at the Ripley-Huron Community School Terry Fox Run, Sept. 24

Callie Griffin (L) and Sinead Greenwood take part in the Terry Fox Run

Cole Snobelen (L) and Nathan Middelkamp at the Terry Fox Run

Ms. McDonald (L) and Madison Chilton at the Terry Fox Run

Kevin Newman (L) and Daniel vangeht-McLeod take part in the Terry Fox Run

Lucas Neitzel in cross-country

Carter Snobelen (R) and Maddox Burgess of Ripley compete in cross-country

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