Saugeen remembers its many young men who answered the call

November 11, 2014



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Warren John - United States Marine Corps

Saugeen's Women Drummers

As with other communties in Bruce County, Saugeen First Nation's military roll-call is made of familiar names ... names of young men who volunteered to go to war in a country and world they didn't know.

From the Great War (WWI) to WWII, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, the Persian Gulf and Somalia, Saugeen's young men signed up to answer the call.

Chief Vernon Root

As with all those from Canada, who gave in service for their country, the many names of the Saugeen First Nation young men are etched in time.


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Young Alexi Jones, with her mother Carolyn Carter, may not yet understand that she is in the presence of the memory of her great uncle, Philip Roote, a United States Marine, but this is where the memories begin
The simple service was followed by a gathering of the people overlunch at the Mason Centre.
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