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Students at Ripley-Huron Community School welcomed Owen Sound Attack players Santino Centorama, Jeffery Gilligan and Holden Cook to the school for a talk about the hard work necessary to achieve your goals
photos courtesy of principal Graham Martin

Tanner Reid (L) and Cam Lamont place the school wreath at the Remembrance Day service in Ripley

Director Janet Browne (R) leads the band as it performs at the Ripley Remembrance Day service

Education assistant Donna Merriam (at back), takes students Jackson Wylde (L), Sophia Booth, Collin Durphy, Brayden France and Colban Liddle up to see the wreaths at the Ripley Cenotaph

Playing trumpets with the band at the Remembrance Day service, are Liam Kirkpatrick (L), Malcolm MacLennan, Mathew Johnson, James Greenwood, Ethan Colling and Alex Roppel

The Ripley-Huron Community School students have been busy through the month of November, with "ER" Day, Remembrance Day, and a visit by players from the Owen Sound Attack hockey team.

Students and staff held "ER" for their School Spirit Day Nov. 5. People were encouraged to dress up in something that ends in an 'er'  sound such as a doctor, actor, hockey player, etc.

Students did a great job and were very creative in expressing their school spirit!

Brett McDonell is a "carpenter"

Cade Crimmings is a "firefighter"

Elena Moore is a "baker"

Elijah Ellis is a "gardener"

Dawson McDonell is a radio announcer

Cuyler Liddle is a "contractor"

Students enjoyed the first day of snow in November.

Leah Paul makes a snow angel

Samantha D'Arcy (L), Josie Middelkamp and Leah Paul make a snowman

There was Crazy Hat Day, another wonderful School Spirit Day!

Tessa Neitzel on Crazy Hat Day

Jackson Lush (L) and Gethin Brandon wear crazy hats

Principal Graham Martin in his wild sombrero

And the players Santino Centorama (No. 8), Jeffery Gilligan (No. 10) and Holden Cook (No. 15) of the Owen Sound Attack hockey team visited the school and talked about their experiences, including how self-discipline, perseverance and hard work are necessary to achieve your goals.

They also answered many student questions and found time to sign a few autographs.

Kennydi Nicholson has her cast signed by Owen Sound Attack players at the school

Dawson McDonell (front) with Owen Sound Attack players Jeffery Gilligan, Santino Centorama and Holden Cook

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