Fire Services presents capital budget requirements

December 11, 2014

Town Council

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During the first preliminary day of budget talks for Saugeen Shores held Tuesday, December 9th (2014), Fire Chief Phil Eagleson presented his list of equipment that is needed for the town's Fire Services, much of which is now outdated and below standard.

Fire Services has an ongoing need for upgrading equipment and the new budget is no exception.  One of the major requirements in the budget is for the replacement of Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) at $230,000.

The pacs are a vital necessity for fire fighters and the current ones being used by Saugeen Shores volunteer fire fighters are 15 year-old low-pressure devices as opposed to today's high-pressure standard.

"These are a breathing necessity," said Eagleson, "and right now we are sharing and not everyone uses the same size of mask not to mention the health issues."

Councilor Cheryl Grace commended Eagleson for the department's effective cost controls.  "Kincardine is the same size of community, with the same number of stations and fire fighters and yet Saugeen Shores' budget last year was $300,000 less."

"We are extremely cost effective," said Eagleson, "btu we are also expensive capital wise becasue our fire figthters want and deserve equipment that isn't going to break down.  We also realized huge savings over the past years by recycling."

While the SCBAs are the major portion of the budget, Eagleson said there was also an ongoing need for hose replacements, new radios, overhead doors in Port Elgin Station and auto extrication stabalization equipment.

The overall capital budget requests for Fire Services total $295,250.

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Fire Chief Phil Eagleson

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Thursday, December 11, 2014