Owner of IC Greenhouses
looking forward to retirement

By Liz Dadson

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Ida Piel (C), owner/operator of IC Greenhouses, is congratulated on her retirement, by employees Fran Farrell (L) and Shirley Hartwick; daughter Tammie Piel; and employee Donna Fitzgerald, at the retirement party and customer appreciation day, held a the business, Saturday, Nov. 29

Ida Piel (R) is greeted by loyal customers Kayla (L) and Dianne Heinisch

Ida Piel is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren and doing some gardening and landscaping of her own.

The owner/operator of IC Greenhouses, located two miles east of Highway 21 on the 6th Concession of  Huron-Kinloss, is retiring Dec. 20.

Staff welcomed a crowd of loyal customers, friends and family, to a retirement party and customer appreciation day, Saturday, Nov. 29, at the greenhouses.

While she feels wonderful about retiring after 30 years in the business, Piel says it will be bittersweet in April when her customers and the cottagers would come looking for flowers and plants.

"I'm going to miss them," she says, "and Christmas. That's my favourite time of the year. I love decorating with all the ornaments, garland, and greenery, and making wreaths, arrangements and planters."

What she won't miss is worrying about the furnaces failing in the greenhouses, or the plastic coverings blowing away. Or the snow piling up between the greenhouses.

"Mostly, I'm going to miss my customers and my wonderful staff," says Piel.

She says one of the highlights over the years, was having a bathroom installed in the greenhouses so she and the staff didn't have to use the one in the Piels' house.

Another advancement was the installation of a workroom. "We used to have such limited space to work and it was always cold," says Piel. "The new workroom was spacious and warm."

Besides helping with her grandchildren, Sofia and Isla, Piel plans to help out on the farm, do some travelling, knitting, and learn to play the piano.

Piel encourages customers who have gift certificates to use them up before closing day which is Dec. 20.

She says Kerri Hodgins has purchased five of the greenhouses and anticipates opening "Kerri's Country Gardens" in the spring. She is located on the Southline, between the Ripley Road and Bruce County Road 1.


Ida Piel (C) poses with her grandchildren, Isla (L), 1, and Sofia Piel, 4, both of Huron-Kinloss

Liz Dadson

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