Bluewater Director's Annual Report


December 17, 2014


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At the December 16, 2014 Regular Meeting of the Board, Director of Education Steve Blake presented his annual report to the Board of Trustees.

The Director’s Annual Report 2014 highlights the past 12 months in terms of the goals, achievements and next steps related to the Bluewater District School Board Multi-Year Strategic Plan and each of its four strategic priorities. New this year is the addition of the fourth strategic priority, “Be accountable for the responsible stewardship of resources.”

The report also features some of the many significant accomplishments and success stories of 2014 in Bluewater District School Board. Examples include the board’s improvements in standardized test scores, especially in Grade 9 Applied Math, the many gains being made to support student and staff mental health, recent board and school initiatives to encourage parent engagement and much more.

“It is a pleasure to share my report and a sampling of the countless successes of the past year with our trustees, staff, students, parents, partners and communities,” says Director of Education Steve Blake. “As we reflect on our recent work, we also look ahead to 2015 and how we will continue to align our resources to our priorities so that we can foster and maintain the best programming options for all of our students.”

The Director’s Annual Report 2014 is now available on the board website or can be viewed at the following link:



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Wednesday, December 17, 2014