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Written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Working on a technical project for about the last 18 months, I've had to select, order and evaluate a number of products ranging from fasteners, nuts and screws to sophisticated electronics.

To do this kind of engineering is tedious.  The 'creative' part of it gets buried in the trivia.

What really helps is the Internet.  I can research the components and order them over the net.

I've gotten much better at doing this over time.  What guides me?

  • If I have trouble ordering a part, I move on quickly.

  • If the specs are a bit obscure, I move on immediately.

What is surprising is that you can order a lot of these things from www.amazon.com   They sell most everything.  Sometimes links from them go to other vendors on a web site that I've never visited. 

The other day, I wanted to order a foot switch for an equalizer.  I went to www.amazon.com and finally to a company called Sweetwater.  Somehow I got there with a click.  Odd name, but so is Google.

I got there as a result of the amazon probe.  I found the part quickly and before I knew it, I placed the order and it was quick and easy to do. 

Right away I got an email confirmation of the order with shipping date.  Good!

Next I got a phone call from Sweetwater.  "How are you, I'm your sales engineer.  Do you have any questions?  How did you hear about us?"  Ok, good it's a first for me. 

Next I get an email with shipping details and arrival expectations.  Great!

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They were not done yet.  I get another phone call.  "Are there any questions?"  Again, nope, I'm fine.

Today I got the $29.95 switch with free delivery.  Just great, it works too!

But, Sweetwater was not done.  Inside the bubble stuffed box was a plastic bag of candy.  Mints, chocolates cinnamon balls and more.  My gosh, that's the way to do it.

Here is the web site www.sweetwater.com

They are on the ball.  When I logged into another site today, their ads followed me. Quite a company! I anticipate another phone message or some candy in the mail

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014