Behind the scenes of local health care fundraising

January 10, 2015


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When it comes to hospitals in the Province, the provincial government operates them but, it is up to local communities to equip them, which is the reason fundraising is so crucial.

Throughout Bruce and Grey Counties, since 1998, five hospital foundations/corporations were brought together under the umbrella of the Grey Bruce Health Services and, today, there are six ... Southampton, Wiarton, Meaford, Markdale, Lion's Head and Owen Sound.

Each year, staff at each of the hospitals submit their most prioritized needs in each of their departments.  The requests are then evaluated and, a final list or Capital Budget is struck. Obviously, the budget is in the millions of dollars. 

This year however, is going to prove even more financially challenging for hospitals throughout Bruce and Grey, including Saugeen Memorial Hospital

At Southampton hospital, the 'annual needs' goal for this fiscal year is $583,804, of which 'Light the Way' campaign donations are the biggest contribution.  The goal of the campaign for this year was $130,000 and more than $116,000 has been received to date and is earmarked for Southampton's hospital equipment needs.

Other methods of fundraising for equipment are through organizations and businesses that choose the hospital as their charity of choice, through gifts in honour of loved ones, with bequests through donors' estates, through grant applications, and most importantly, from individuals who understand the vital need to fund hospital equipment for the best possible care close to home.


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The major challenge for this year however, is the addition of the Hospital Campaign for the construction of the new Southampton Emergency Room - Laboratory expansion that was officially approved in 2011. 

Locally to date, $1.5M has been  received in cash donations against the target of $2.9M with outstanding pledges and new prospects anticipated.

Keeping health care close to home in Bruce County is especially vital given its geographical expanse.  One only has to experience a winter that results in the closure of highways, sometimes for days, to be appreciative of having a local community hospital within minutes of home.

While many organizations are experiencing significant government cut-backs, both provincially and federally, and are trying to fundraise, none is more important when it comes to financial need than ... health, and health care.

If you care and want the best possible health care close to home ... the answer is to give.  It doesn't have to be a lot because every little bit matters.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015