Local firefighter celebrates birthday and years of service

January 18, 2015

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Lorne Currie was surrounded by his family that includes his daughter, brother, wife, son and granddaughter

Lorne Currie, raised in Southampton, is celebrating not only his 70th birthday but also 46 years in the Fire department of Saugeen Shores. 

The actual date of his birthday is January 20th but he celebrated early on Friday, January 17th (2015) so that friends and family could attend.

Lorne Currie

Take 46 years away from his age and it doesn't take long to see that Currie began as a firefighter at a very young age.

Today, he works with the community in raising awareness of firefighting services.  From Food Bank fundraisers to establishing fire-hall tours for elementary school students, he organizes events to reach out to the community.

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"The faces in the department have changed," says Currie, "but the dedication is still there. I remember when we had a firefighters appreciation event but that's gone by the wayside over the years, which it is too bad because it really showed how the volunteers are appreciated by the community."

Currie also has a very extensive personal library of photos and newspaper clippings from the several decades of firefighting through Bruce and Grey.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015