Federal funding comes through

January 19, 2015

Town Council

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(L-R) CAO Larry Allison, MP Ben Lobb, Mayor Mike Smith & Public Works Director Stu Doyle

MP Ben Lobb delivered some good news to the Town of Saugeen Shores on Monday, January 19th (2015).

He told the Town that its Accessibility Application for $50,000 in funding had been approved by the Federal Government. 


MP Ben Lobb

The funding will go toward making the four corners at High and Victoria Streets in Southampton completely accessible through re-grading of sidewalks and other improvements.  The intersection is widely used as the gateway to Fairy Lake, which is used throughout the summer as a concert and activities venue and also given that there are churches on three of the corners.

The project is equally funded by the Federal Government and the municipality of Saugeen Shores, which had already approved the expenditure subject to funding.

Saugeen Shores CAO Larry Allison

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It is anticipated that work will begin in the spring once a contractor has been hired for the required concrete work.

Saugeen Shores Director of Public Work Stuart Doyle

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Monday, January 19, 2015