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written by Mike Sterling for Canadian Community News

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We've written abut the term cache before, but we still get questions about it.  First let's look at some Internet tools.

The Internet runs like an 8 lane highway. They realize that most of the traffic is going one way.  The number of downloads is many times the number of uploads. (Click Here to run a test) With this in mind, the net has a bias for downloads.  Downloads are mostly responses to getting another page to view after you enter an Internet address or do a Google search.

Since uploads are not as frequent, the Internet has a download bias built in to it.

The Internet also plays a game with  us and puts pages in a thing called a cache (a part of high speed memory). 

Why?  The net gurus have found that pages once viewed have a bias to be viewed again very soon, so they want to respond to that back arrow or the tab click as quickly as possible.  So they cache pages.

This can be very annoying because your browser often does not let go and purge the cache.

(Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and the various phone and pad browsers all do this)

So sometimes you are looking at old information.  Mail programs update a portion of their display telling you that you have  new mail, but they have a little icon for you to update your cache too.

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For example the icons below look like some you've seen.
IE Chrome FireFox CCNews

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So, if you want to refresh your cache and make sure you have the latest information click one of the buttons above or the F5 button, which does the same thing.

Apple does not use F5.  You have to hold down the command button and hit R. (here is a YouTube video, believe it or not to help you on Apple's Safari browser Click Here)

Click the button below and you will see your page refresh.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015