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Avoiding Squint Fonts  It's a matter of eyes


written for Canadian Community News by Mike Sterling

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Internet Explorer display of text

Google Chrome display of the same text

When I was young, I never needed much light to see.  Now I need blazing sunshine and giant fonts.  Google is right.  There is a standards issue at work here too, but it's boring.  So my tip might help.

There are ways to get the fonts bigger by gestures and other means on touch screens.  Phones, 'The Surface' and pads have that and so do some ordinary laptops.  I forget to use it often.  See column 2 for an oft forgotten tip for keyboard enabled folks.  

There is also a magnify feature that you can use.  It becomes active when you hover over text. (you have to turn it on first.  Google it for your operating system)  It's useful for the vision impaired.  It's been part of Windows for a very long time.


Click the orange arrow to read the second column


I use my old mouse with the wheel in the centre.  I hold down the control key and spin the wheel and I can read anything and make it go to squint fonts too.  You can magnify on your hand held devices with gestures.  If you do not have a mouse with a wheel use ctl + and ctl - They work better still.

Keep in mind this tip won't work on pdfs, but Adobe Acrobat or equivalent has its own zoom in and zoom out.

Try it

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Friday, February 13, 2015