February 17, 2015


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Paisley Legion This Month
by Glen Hanley, President Br295 Paisley, RCL

Here we are in another year. Branch 295, Paisley Legion wishes everyone a happy New Year. The Branch is continuing our regular weekly events.

These include Monday Morning Guy’s Coffee and Monday Night Cards. Any gents who are interested in a having a coffee, maybe a game of cards or just catching up on the local news or history, please drop in anytime from 8:30 to 11:30.

Those interested in playing a game of progressive euchre can drop by the branch at 7:00 pm to join in with the gang who are always there.

These two events go a long way to supporting the Branch and as such are supporting the community with the donations the Legion makes. I want to thank the members who volunteer to ensure these events happen. They give up every Monday morning or Monday evening to ensure those who want to, will be able to come and enjoy the fun and comradeship each and every week.

We are beginning a new year of special events and we will make sure all know about them well in advance. Keep an eye on the signs at Simply Delish and Gibby’s Grub. They will be updated to let everyone know what is coming up.

The Ways and Means Committee have come up with a few events already. On the 7th of March, is the annual Beach Bash, this year with a live band. Those who have heard Lee Grant at our pub nights know how entertaining he is. He is bringing a band for this great night of music. This is always a well-attended event and a chance to get rid of those winter blues.

Planning for a big entertainment day in April is in progress so watch the signs as the time gets closer.

 Also, the annual May 24th Roast Beef Dinner will happen on the Saturday evening of the long weekend and iy's always a great meal.

As you can see, this committee has been busy. Again, I have to thank these people for the time they put into planning and executing these events. It is very time consuming and takes a lot away from their regular life. Thank you!

If you’re having an event, please remember we have hall rentals available. With that, remember the Ladies Auxiliary is available to cater any event. Just call the Branch or drop in during regular hours to fill out a contract. It is a great hall and the Ladies will put on a great meal.

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The operation of the Legion continues and, as always, we are looking for new members. Please don’t think you have to be from the Military or somehow related to the military. Anyone can be a member of Royal Canadian Legion.

I want to emphasize the word Canadian. When you join the Legion at any Branch, you are a member anywhere in Canada. If you drop by any Branch, you will be received as a friend and if help is required, it will be there for you.

The Royal Canadian Legion was put together by a group of Canadian heroes who played a huge part in ensuring we have the country and life we now enjoy. The overall membership of the Legion is dropping. We cannot let it die. Not only do we need to ensure that the men and women who have - and still do - put their lives in harm’s way are remembered, but we have to ensure Legion remains a great supporter to our seniors, youth and community. Please consider becoming a member. 

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015