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Google has their equivalent of Microsoft's products Word, Excel and Power Point.  These exist in conjunction with Google Drive.

Google Drive is online storage that you can obtain from Google.  It allows you to synchronize files between your phone, pad and PC and use their applications on the Cloud.

All storage is on the Cloud.  There is no save button because Google runs your application on their servers and every change you make is updated on the Cloud without you doing anything.

PC Magazine rates this Cloud application highly as it does Microsoft's OneDrive.

I've not tested OneDrive as yet, but I have tried Google Drive developing a spreadsheet and importing a PowerPoint Presentation.

I was not too happy.  The Excel equivalent on Google Drive was somewhat awkward and certain mouse clicks were a bit balky.  I felt out of sync with the application.  I did not test enough of the features to say much more.

I also brought over a large PowerPoint Presentation and used Google's automatic conversion.

The conversion had a number of annoying bugs.  I could kind of work around them, but they will crop up again in new ways. 

The user interface somehow lost the charm of the great PowerPoint interface which has been for years an easy to use application.

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Google has attempted to convert file structures from Microsoft Office to their own format.  So any change that Microsoft makes will run the danger of not being picked up until the next release and beyond.  This is an old problem.  It always causes grief.  Any data structure undergoing constant updates and changes is hard to capture by another company.

I'll next try OneDrive on the Cloud.  Right now I'm parachuting down to earth. 

If your business depends upon complex spreadsheets and presentations, wait a few years before you depend upon Google Drives apps for Microsoft Office.

If you have modest requirements, you can use them with some discomfort.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015