"Being a Girl" by a nine-year-old

March 10, 2015


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Nine-year-old Gabriella Graham of Kincardine recently spoke at the International Women's Day celebration held in Port Elgin, Saugeen Shores on Sunday, March 8th (2015).

Her topic?  "Being a Girl".

She spoke clearly and distinctly expressing herself with enthusiasm.

"My hope for all girls is that they are treated nicely and fairly and that they have a chance to become whatever they want ... and that they get to enjoy being a girl.  No one should tell them that something isn't possible for them.  Being a girl means that anything's possible.  You can choose whatever you want to do and nothing is off limits just because you are a girl.  I like growing up here because people encourage me and I get to sing and dance without people making fun of me.

I like being a girl because I can wear dresses and do fancy hairstyles but can play outside, go fishing, get dirty and play on the monkey bars.  I like to design things and do art.  I like that I can do dance and karate classes. 

When I am older, one of the things I am thinking of being is a singer and a veterinarian.  I like that I have a chance to choose anything I want.  I don't like hearing things like I can't do something because I am a girl.  People tell me I can't play soccer because I'm a girl ... you don't run fast because you're a girl ... I can't throw well because I'm a girl ... that makes me angry and confused because I don't know why being a girl has anything to do with what I can or cannot do. I try my best and get better with practice but sometimes feel my best isn't good enough ... if boys can do it, so can girls.

I think we need to change those messages.  I think we should teach them to stop and think about they're going to say and ask themselves ... would they like it if it was being said to them?  I think we should encourage girls to do what they want to do because some of the most talented people are girls.

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There are so many great things in this world because women made them happen.  I think we should teach girls to speak up for themselves and I think we should teach boys they shouldn't make fun of us or look down on us  because we are girls.
We should teach all kids that they can do whatever they want to do and there is nothing that is just for boys or just for girlsl  Just like girls can do sports, boys can do dance.  Girls can do hockey and boys can sing.  Boys can be teachers or nurses and girls can be doctors or engineers.

My mom inspires me because she teaches me I can do whatever I want to do no matter what anyone else says.

She carries herself the way she thinks is right and tells me inner beauty is bigger than outer beauty.  She teaches me to be kind to everyone.  She teaches me it is ok to like bugs, get dirty and explore the world and to dress fancy and do my nails.  She has taught me to be honest and kind and to speak up for myself.

It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl or if you know them or not, helping everyone who needs help, everyone should be treated equally.  Things shouldn't be different just because you're a girl. "

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015