The final count is in for Bill Verkerke
by Sandy Lindsay

March 13, 2015

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Heart & Stroke Foundation Volunteer Extraordinaire
Bill Verkerke

The final count is in and volunteer Bill Verkerke of Southampton is one determined man!

Having spent so many years canvassing for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Verkerke is recovering from a stroke and using the services he has supported for so long.

When it comes to doing what he does best however, Verkerke had no intentions of giving up and continued his fundraising from his new residence at the Southampton Care Centre.

Now in his 17th year of fundraising, instead of his going door to door, people came to his new door and continued to donate for a total of $2,046.

'Sam' Hoffard

"He is still a legend at the offices of the Heart & Stroke Foundation," says 'Sammie' Hoffard of Heart & Stroke. 

In the past five years alone, Verkerke has raised more than $30,000 and is, in fact, one of the highest fundraisers ever in the province of Ontario for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

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Heart & Stroke Foundation's
'Sammie' Hoffard

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Friday, March 13, 2015