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March 20, 2015

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There aren't many of them, but Doug Johnson is one of the few ... a Lifetime Member of the Propeller Club in Saugeen Shores.

Doug Johnson
shows his Propeller Club Lifetime Membership that was presented in 2008

from an excerpt by Mike Sterling

'Here is one of the earliest documents talking about the Propeller Club and what it was all about.  A letter was written by John to the then Mayor Art Knechtel.  An excerpt from the November 23, 1992 letter is shown below:

"The Propeller Club is a loose-knit group of about 10 or 12 (Ron Seaman, Bruce Martin, John and Bob Trelford, Dave Reeve, Ron Beaupre -the marine historian--and a few others). We meet for a beer on Wednesday afternoon at the Walker House, and try to keep it simple. No constitution, no rules, no goals, no aims, other than to meet and talk -- sometimes about boats and the lake. Son Tim says its open to anyone who goes around in circles. He's not a member because of that thought.

If you are interested in dropping by any Wednesday, you would be most welcome. Starts about 4 p.m. and goes on for a few hours. Sometimes we meet at a cottage, etc.

We'll consider you an honorary member. If you miss more than two meetings you could be president."

Over time others came along.  You don't want to use the word join.  All were welcome, if they listened or had something to share.  A sure way to get accepted was to ask a good question.

Much later John asked me to come by and I did.  I was still working then, but I would drive up on a Wednesday, sometimes just to hear what the guys had to say.  So what went on each Wednesday?

What was unusual was that people began to bring artifacts and old documents for others to see, study and sometimes identify and explain.  It was a lot of fun.  There was a real energy about the get-togethers.  There was no chairman, nobody taking minutes or attendance.  People spoke to all or a few and what they said was heard and remembered on merit alone.




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All the people were fountains of knowledge because of their upbringing in the area or their intense study of history.  John Weichel and Ron Beaupre were nothing other than historical savants.  By this time Doug Johnson and others were regulars.

Doug Johnson brought with him, his love of history and his immense knowledge of world-wide 'flag history and etiquette'.

Taking care of Chantry Island flag

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Friday, March 20, 2015