Frozen water pipes still an issue

March 12, 2015

Town Council

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After February's month-long 'deep freeze', water lines throughout the entire region have been under immense stress with many freezing and some bursting.

Municipalities have been advising residents to keep a tap running to avoid pipes freezing.

Saugeen Shores Public Works Director, Stu Doyle, said that there had been more than 100 calls to the Town regarding frozen pipes and that staff had responded as quickly as possible to determine if the pipes were on municipal property and to help property owners.

Frost penetration depth varies based on variables such as the amount of moisture in the ground and the length of time that temperatures remain extreme.  While for most years, the frost penetrates for some four feet, as a result of this year's extreme cold, it was reportedly to a depth of seven feet.

For structures, including water lines, that are below ground level but above the frost line, can be damaged as frost pressure moves upwards.  This year, with pipes naturally above the extreme seven-foot frost depth, upward movement during warm, thawing-like days, can result in damage.  Therefore, people are being encouraged to still keep a tap running.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015