It pays to work in the public sector
by Sandy Lindsay

March 31, 2015


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It pays to work in the public sector.

The Sunshine List was recently published by the Ontario Government and lo' and behold there are 4,458 pages of those who take home more than $100,000.

The number who actually made the list exceeded 100,000 for the first time or an increase of almost 15 per cent.

Under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, salaries of all government employees and those in publicly funded organizations have to be made public.  What it doesn't include however, are those hired as private consultants or in privately owned companies.

In health, the numbers are amazing. There are many, many who are making at least $500,000 every year plus taxable benefits.  For instance, at Cancer Care Ontario, V-P  of Prevention & Cancer control, Linda Rabeneck, made $532,108 with $49,854 in taxable benefits.

Closer to home however, locally in Grey-Bruce, Dr. Hazel Lynn, Medical Officer of Grey Bruce Health Unit (MOH),for the fifth year, sits on the top rung of the public sector salary ladder at $319,288 with $1,650 in taxable benefits. Fifteen employees joined her on the 'sunshine list'. In Grey-Bruce Health Services, Vice-President, Martin Mazza earned $177,575 in addition to six registered nurse and four nurse practitioners.

The South Bruce Grey Health Centre's Paul Rosebush, President and CEO, heads up that list at $214,873 with another 15 on board, including registered nurse (RN) Bonnie Cole at $141,258 and V-P of Finance, Chris Cartwright at $129,804.

When it comes to education, the numbers are also staggering overall ... from universities to local boards of education.  For instance, Western University's President, Amit Chakma, collected $924,000 in 2014 and his contract was recently renewed for five years and more than 1,200 in total made the list.

Again, close to home, the Bluewater District School Board has approximately 90 employees who are now on the Sunshine List, including Director of Education Stephen Blake at $190,000 and Jean Stephenson, Alana Murray and Lori Wilder who tied at $148,000 while the Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board has almost 30.

Bruce Grey Child & Family Services have six on the list and Bruce County has 15, including CAO Kelley Coulter at $149,000, in addition to six directors.

Within the regional justice system, Owen Sound Police Chief Bill Sornberger earned $185,180, an increase of  $40,000 over the previous year.  Saugeen Shores Police Chief, Dan Rivett, tied with Shelburne's Chief at $145,000.

In Municipal politics, Kincardine's CAO Murray Clarke made the list with $149,103 along with town clerk Donna MacDougall at $106,291 while Saugeen Shores, CAO Larry Allison earned $148,968.

In Hanover, CAO Michael Dunlop earned $110,506 and Police Chief, Tracy David came in at $132,653

Local MPPs Bill Walker, Bruce-Grey Owen Sound, and Lisa Thompson of Huron Bruce each earned $116,000.

Overall, there are more than 300 public sector employees in Bruce Grey alone who made the Sunshine List.

Also, overall, those on the Sunshine List, whether locally or provincially, are in those sectors that are struggling to meet financial goals and that are experiencing cut-backs in almost every facet.

School boards are looking at closing schools and cutting student programs, the health care system wants to close much needed restorative care centres while at the same time cutting back on in-home care services, power rates continue to climb astronomically and things like cancer care funds continue to decline. 

All this, while salaries at the top continue to rise out of proportion compared to those who are actually keeping the systems going, who are paying the salaries of not only those at the top but on all rungs of the ladders on the Sunshine List.

Now, those on the list are saying that the minimum of $100,000 to make the list isn't enough.  It should be raised.  In other words, there are so many making $100,000 that it has become the norm.  I don't know whose norm they are talking about ... but it isn't mine!

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          Top 20 on the Sunshine List:

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Pres. & CEO- Mitchell Thomas $1,555,200.04  (tax. ben. $6,893)

OPG Sr. V-P & CFO Donn Handbidge $1,208,155.82 (tax. ben. $3,795)

University of Toronto Pres. & CEO - Moriarty William  $937,500.00 ($1,835)

University of Western Ontario Pres. & Vice Chancellor  - Chakma Amit  $924,000.04 ($43,244)

Hamilton Health Sciences Pres. & CEO - Robert Macisaac  $755,715.53 ($1,867)

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Pres. & CEO - William Reichman $748,562.51 ($16,041)

Hydro One Pres. & CEO - Carmine Marcello $741,554.25  ($3,654)

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Pres. & CEO - Barry McLellan $714,999.97 ($50,304)

Ontario Securities Commission / Commission des valeurs mobilieres de l'Ontario Chair & CEO - Howard Westron  $703,628.91 ($1,796)

Independent Electricity System Operator Pres. & CEO - Bruce Campbell  $694,468.39 ($462)

Mount Sinai Hospital Pres. & CEO - Joseph Mapa $688,907.07 ($3,519)

Trillium Health Partners Pres. & CEO - Michelle Manuele $683,171.23  ($3,323)

Centre for Addiction & Mental Health Pres. & CEO - Catherin Zahn  $668,249.21 ($73,272)

Ontario Pension Board V-P & CIO - Jill Pepall  $651,385.18  ($725)

St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton CEO Kevin Smith  $648,044.78 ($76,696)

Woodstock Hospital / Hopital de Woodstock Pres. & CEO - Robert Vinson Radiologist/Radiologue $642,858.78 ($2,990)

Ontario Pension Board Pres. & CEO Mark Fuller $635,696.58 ($720)

Ottawa Hospital  Pres. John Kitts $630,485.00 ($69,172)

Ottawa Hospital Chief of staff - Jeffrey Turnbull $621,614.21 ($40,482)

Ontario Power Authority Pres. & CEO - Colin Andersen $601,942.28 ($1,073).

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