Councilor withdraws motion to move Recreation Master Plan forward

March 25, 2015

Town Council

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Saugeen Shores Councilor Don Matheson of Southampton recently raised a motion for the proposed Aquatic/Recreation Centre plan to be brought forward in 2015 rather than wait for the 2016 budget process.

However, at Monday's Council meeting on March 23rd, Matheson withdrew his motion.


Councilor Don Matheson

"I brought this motion forward because I believe our community is lacking in recreational facilities and that citizens are leaving to town to look for recreational activities elsewhere.  When they leave town, they take a lot of money out of town."

Matheson said that he did an informal survey of what the people in Saugeen Shores wanted.  "Out of 400 people, 150 said they wanted a change."

At the beginning of term, Matheson said he thought that the recreation/aquatic facility could not wait another year.  "As my time in this Chamber passes, however, I learn more and more how things work.  The world wasn't created in a day and neither will I affect my changes in a day.  Time is important."

Matheson said he reconsidered his motion and is confident that the pool vision committee and upcoming transportation committee will inform Council on what the community needs and how best to achieve its goals.

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"An active community is a healthy community. Our job as Councilors is to provide the activities and facilities for all the community and whether they choose to use the facilities or not, that is their choice ... but we must provide the facilities."

"I am satisfied with the direction Council is taking, and with respect to recreation and, therefore, I respectfully withdraw my motion to have the Recreation Master Plan brought forward this year."

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015